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humbled_lightbringer t1_ixbzpt7 wrote

Nah, otherwise it would have saved us by now, but it only seems to have deepend the class divide.

Technology gives us more options, for peace and for warfare.


Stulam0g t1_ixiqm0t wrote

It has saved a lot of people. The class divide has widened, because of capitalism, in spite of technological advances. And the global quality of life has risen, because of technology, in spite of capitalism. There is absolutely a tipping point and we are witnessing it in real time, capitalism is failing to maintain the perpetual growth that it requires and the greed of people is being wildly out paced by the growth of technology.


Ivan_The_8th t1_ixc2h9v wrote

Warfare is just an instrument to achieve peace. One way or another.


Greunke t1_ixccbv2 wrote

Unfortunately not. There are more politics involved, with each side having their own agendas. Rather than peace, it's more generally a tool to support your side(country, religious group, etc), whatever form that takes. If all wanted nothing but peace, we'd have no war and no nukes.