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PositiveWeapon t1_ixdo0i4 wrote

As others have said eye witness testimony is considered extremely unreliable in court. Our visual system takes up the largest area of our brain and uses a significant amount of energy. To save energy, the brain assumes a lot of things. If you were subconsciously expecting your cat to be inside, at a glance, it's entirely possible your brain put the cat there.

I'm not ruling it out, I think this is a simulation. But if there was a glitch, isn't it more likely the cat would be floating upside down or halfway through a wall or something? Given what we know about the brain it's far more likely to be an artifact of our brains energy saving feature.


Plenty-Today4117 t1_ixemqr8 wrote

Long term memory is unreliable. There was no long term memory involved here.


PositiveWeapon t1_ixerdki wrote

Vision is not 100% reliable.

You have a blind spot at all times. Do you notice it? No, because the brain fills it in with what it expects should be there.

Lots of articles about the brains use of prediction to save energy, here's a random one:

Watch some lectures on YouTube to really blow your mind. You need to understand you don't actually 'see' anything, ever. At all times you are viewing your brains reconstruction of its perception of the photons it collects. Yes, effectively the brain contains a graphics card ridiculously more sophisticated than anything we can create.

As for crossing the road, the goal is to keep you alive. You are far more likely to see something that isn't there than not see something that is there.


Plenty-Today4117 t1_ixex85g wrote

Dude... The cat was inside. I turned around for a second, then turned back and it was outside, in a place it could not get to, unless I put it there. I was shocked to see it outside, so I went outside, picked it up, and brought it inside.

What I remember is the shock that something in the world was not in the same place that I left it. This has never happened to me before or since. This is not rocket science. The people in this thread are over thinking it.