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red75prime t1_ixgw4pi wrote

It all boils down to whether the brain violates the physical Church-Turing thesis. That is does the brain perform computations that computers can't efficiently do?

For now there's no substantial evidence for that. So it seems that nothing prevents replication of brain's functionality (the part that is useful to us) in software. Machine learning successes point in the same direction.

Consciousness may suggest that something strange is going on in the brain, but, again, there's no substantial evidence for that.


Puzzleheaded_Bass673 t1_ixhkziw wrote

Efficiently or at all?


red75prime t1_ixhlv71 wrote

I mixed up physical and extended theses. The physical one talks only about computability ("at all"). The extended one requires at most polynomial slowdown ("efficiently").

We are interested in the latter. Exponentially slow AI is of no use.


agsarria t1_ixhfd38 wrote

It Already became conscious, a Google engineer said it.


Cr4zko t1_ixhhkk5 wrote

Are we taking the word of a crazy old man here? Lemoine was a kook.


SoulGuardian55 OP t1_ixhuuw0 wrote

Investigating it led experts to conclude that it was good at mimicking human chat without bulletproof evidence that it gain it's own mind.


agsarria t1_ixi5rot wrote

Sorry forgot reddit has no sense of sarcasm. Add /s to my post above.