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Baron_Samedi_ t1_ixihwwb wrote

AI generated art and music are the perfect creative solution for an authoritarian state. Without human artists and thinkers for the public to idealize, the state has fewer potential concerns about independent thinkers becoming a center of focus or catalyst for change.

No wonder the Chinese government is throwing money at AIs that can monopolize creative fields!


point_breeze69 t1_ixipqu4 wrote

We can counteract this by spiking municipal water supplies with LSD.


Baron_Samedi_ t1_ixiu34v wrote

Yeah, please don't do that. Little nursery school kids, essential workers like fire fighters, and needy folks with severe disabilities and/or mental health problems drink that same water...


Akimbo333 t1_ixl65v9 wrote

Lol I don't know why all the down votes what you said was funny as hell!!!


ISnortBees t1_ixlhc0u wrote

We’ll get a similar result under our current form of capitalism, everything will get owned by the four to six biggest corporations - and they won’t even have to pay their artists 0.6 cents every time their song is streamed. We’ll have a Marvel AI and a DC comics AI, which will put out the same content but darker.

Maybe some enterprising porn company will pay for the license to use famous celebrities faces in their deepfakes. Eventually we’ll work our way to having ads play in our dreams. Totalitarian regimes at least result in some of their art being subversive. Commercialism allows for art to exist freely but then hollows it out until you associate something you once loved with garbage. How many beloved shows and movies from the past get rebooted for a quick buck? Pretty much all of them. And the resources it takes to make modern adaptations of those classics means they go through chokepoints in the entertainment industry, which means they pass through political filters, which is why almost every piece of art today shares a similar political message


botfiddler t1_ixj4kdr wrote

It's good for the opposition and free thinkers (heretics) in "liberal" authoritarian countries as well. Less importance to virtue signaling stars, less gatekeeping in content creation.

>at AIs that can monopolize creative fields!

It won't, it's the opposite.


blueSGL t1_ixhsfag wrote

anyone got a youtube link to some of the songs that have been made?


imnos t1_ixhw99a wrote

It's a track called "Today" apparently.

The generic name and fact that anything with Tencent in the search returns Chinese results makes it a little tough to find. No idea why they didn't link the track.

Any Chinese folk here that can help?


NTIASAAHMLGTTUD t1_ixi3cgr wrote

I'm not chinese and cannot help


gangstasadvocate t1_ixiy34b wrote

Same here, tried googling some of it and looking for the unsent letter one, no go, surprised more hasn’t been found yet in a couple hours


Tom_Lilja t1_ixi96ok wrote

This is a piece in English, and it is short...but IMO very good.


blxoom t1_ixij9se wrote

daisy bell sounds better than this tbh. i doubt this is the best ai can do right now


point_breeze69 t1_ixipleu wrote

Cant be too hard to create higher quality music then what majority of top 40 stuff is today.


Martholomeow t1_ixj4si6 wrote

it’s an article about a song that has 100m streams but no link? Very helpful thanks.


blkmre t1_ixj8gd1 wrote

Can't find this 100m streams song anywhere nor can I find any of the 1000 other songs they released.


Desperate_Donut8582 t1_ixicqub wrote

I mean china has 1.4 billion ppl even mid tier artists in america get that more streams


8Temet8Nosce8 t1_ixht6yr wrote

I like blue jeans and bloody tears.


slobbowitz t1_iximv4z wrote

What’s the point?


tedd321 t1_ixiny4o wrote

Why in the holy fuck are we automating the creative industries and not the ones that actually need it

No one cares about automated music, pictures, English, whatever.

You’re supposed to automate the finance, engineering, programming, executive duties for the world to care at all.

Displacing the already poor artists will do nothing for the singularity


capsicum_fondler t1_ixiycbm wrote

If I can make fine art with AI, I can only imagine what an artist is able to do with it. I think the word you're looking for is supercharging, not displacing, artists.


earthsworld t1_ixj00bl wrote

what makes you think they aren't working on automating all those things as well? If you spend a minute or two searching, you'd learn that they are...


point_breeze69 t1_ixiq2oa wrote

At least with music since the majority of it is just formulated without any soul it’s probably an easier industry to outsource to AI.


botfiddler t1_ixj4vak wrote

It's useful as a tool, it's useful for decentralization away from big corporations, and also AI needs to be imaginative.


tedd321 t1_ixkklrm wrote

Y’all got wool pulled over your eyes


HydrousIt t1_ixp7hmr wrote

I care


tedd321 t1_ixpxrcd wrote

Alright I’ve already been downvoted into nothingness. I’m glad you can find joy in the stuff sir or m’am.