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stardust_dog t1_ixn6smg wrote

There isn’t a quantum computer that works the way OP thinks one works and what’s worse is there isn’t going to be anytime soon. Solving the resources used issue is the biggest hurdle. AI on the other hand is clearly getting better very quickly.


SoulGuardian55 t1_ixn8l11 wrote

And some part of my mind tell me, that AI (with continued advances) could lead to acceleration of research and creation of powerful quantum computer.


stardust_dog t1_ixnbdt8 wrote

I suppose so yes but it would be based on independent thought instead of information that currently is loaded into memory for derivation of thought.

This is because a way of cooling would exist where energy was hardly used OR a quantum computer that could somehow operate in room temperature and not be subject to “noise.”


NTIASAAHMLGTTUD t1_ixnchry wrote

we don't know man, how could we?


21_MushroomCupcakes t1_ixnevnn wrote

"What's going to happen if..."

"We don't know, we live in literally unprecedented times."

"Well yeah, but what's gonna happen?"

"For fuck's sake..."


GeneralZain t1_ixnk2v1 wrote

DUDE IMAGINE! how about this one?!?! IMAGINE if there was a leprechaun who did it with a unicorn!??! that would be totally crazy...WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!?!?!? UniChaun babies?!!?

god these posts are dumb


FusionRocketsPlease t1_ixqbwxq wrote

2022 and there are still people who think that quantum computers are improved versions of the classic ones. Reserve army of ignorant people.


Feebleminded10 t1_ixo6e6l wrote

AI won’t be what yall think it will just forget about it whoever has it first the government will just seize it for “National Security”. If not that it would probably just take over everything for itself.


HeinrichTheWolf_17 t1_ixp4juu wrote

I really doubt a large scale quantum computer will exist by the time AGI gets here. It’s still going to be quite a while until they can handle basic calculations.


DukkyDrake t1_ixqrd8h wrote

>Assuming you believe, like most people, that quantum computers are just a super faster kind of computer you can just install Linux and use like usual.

While what you're imagining probably isn't realistic, there are some theoretical Quantum speedups that could benefit AI. Lookup quantum-machine-learning & quantum-memristor if you're interested. Even if AI running on Q hardware doesn't pan out, AGI will likely make heavy use of Q the same way humans will, via an API accessed from more classic hardware.

The end result could be the same even if the exact implementation details of "AGI run on a quantum computer" is not what you envisioned. An AGI could theoretically setup Q calculation in a pipeline and analyze the result a lot faster than humans could. Humans slowly experimentally exploring a possibility space over decades, that time window could be greatly compressed if an AGI does the work, the exact degree of improvement and speedup of resulting breakthroughs is debatable.


CrankyStinkman t1_ixmw49v wrote

It would reach ASI in seconds. And cook. And clean. And solve world hunger. And figure out how to make it so humans never have to poop again.

And it would be totally rad.

Nobody would poop, everyone would be happy.

Unfortunately neither techs have even proven to be feasible, let alone mature and stackable. Let’s hold off until a POC


Kaarssteun t1_ixn9djo wrote

Jokes on you, defecating tends to be an enjoyable activity for most people


CrankyStinkman t1_ixnghp3 wrote

Idk, I think that lives would be hugely improved if you take away the logistics of pooping (and peeing I guess, eliminating one without the other doesn’t enable meaningful change).

Bathrooms are just bath & brushing rooms.

Camping/remote logistics are halved, plumbing basically becomes a nice to have.

Fear of street food is gone, you can eat anything.

And, most importantly, no stinky surprises during butt stuff.

Would be a total game changer.


[deleted] t1_ixn0to3 wrote



CrankyStinkman t1_ixnfqy0 wrote

I don’t think that they are the same. IMO its most likely that the first AGI is low fidelity and will lack depth. Like kindergarten level intelligence, similar to the early text to image models that preceded Dalle1.