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Shelfrock77 OP t1_iy4kadj wrote

“Researchers discover that to sharpen its control over precise maneuvers, the brain uses comparisons between control signals — not the signals themselves.”

“Recent work with mice suggests that the brain precisely controls some quick movements by using principles of calculus in its signaling.”

Really just shows how similar we are to animals.


SnowyNW t1_iy59m67 wrote

Why would we be different lol????…. I’m so confused about fundamental assumptions about biological mechanisms and networks. What’s even more interesting is that hardware and software are almost an exact analog. What is convergent evolution of non living objects? Just proof of the noncontinuum between matter and energy? Are we discovering that computonium could be real or is it just a convenient thought experiment for this idea?


Verzingetorix t1_iy6c87h wrote

> Really just shows how similar we are to animals.

That's such an ignorant statement. The physiological mechanisms governing movement are so ancient there's zero reason to contemplate any differences between humans and other animals. Hell, chances are microscopic multicellular organisms have similar mechanisms governing their motion.


SmileEverySecond t1_iy7rhw2 wrote

We describe such behavior with calculus (since there are similaries), same as the way we use mathematical models/techniques to describe nature phenomena, not the other way around. I don't like the title but the content itself is fine.


CommentBot01 t1_iy7t4d2 wrote

So... my brain is smarter than me in math


Desperate_Donut8582 t1_iy94d1s wrote

Calculus doesn’t exist in real life…..math is man made to explain natural phenomena


onyxengine t1_iya6iyu wrote

I think its apparent in the design the the brain is using math to do a lot