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Western_Cow_3914 t1_iyc8q5d wrote

Speak for yourself lol. You can fuck right off with your dumb suggestion that they should spend grant money elsewhere only because YOU wouldn’t want it cured or treated. Why do people on Reddit have such a problem with not knowing how to speak for themselves.


thetwitchy1 t1_iyd7in0 wrote

It’s the “risk vs reward” analysis. Do you want a treatment that MIGHT cure SOME autistic people, or do you want treatments that have proven results helping (but not curing) most autistic people?

The idea that autism needs a cure is kinda shit, too. The deficiencies that are part and parcel of autism for most of us could easily be treated without making it about curing the underlying autism.

It is like someone saying they have a cure for transgenderism; there’s a lot of issues that make being trans a terrible experience, and a lot of them are internal to the person experiencing it. But it’s a valid way to human, and treatment for transgender individuals is dealing with the issues, not trying to cure the transgenderism.


code8888 t1_iydiokp wrote

The thing is, I was actually treated for my social deficits when I was very young. It worked very well, and - according to my parents - was not very expensive, either. It is well-understood that altered mTOR function in autism results in heightened synaptic plasticity, which may make autistic brains more receptive to more direct, psychology-based treatments for social deficits. It appears so in my case, but I - of course - am not a double-blind, placebo controlled study, so I’ll leave that to the researchers with better-placed grant money to examine.

I do also happen to be trans, too


yarrpirates t1_iycbtd9 wrote

As another autistic person, I want to try it! Come on, man! Hyperbaric pressure chamber with increased oxygen? That's some sci-fi shit right there.

It's not going to be permanent, either, so even though I too don't want to stop being me, I don't think this will do that. I'm happy to try it first so you can see what happens.


tokkkkaaa t1_iycn5os wrote

yes I think it‘ll still be 100% you, just without some of the burdens autism brings


code8888 t1_iydjc3e wrote

Nah, sensory deprivation chambers are cooler imo

Also, I think your second point falls outside the scope of the research. That wasn’t established, at least according to the abstract.


yarrpirates t1_iyeer8b wrote

How about sensory deprivation hyperbaric pure oxygen (in a mask, I like not burning to death) chamber? All the things!

Yeah, it not being permanent is a guess on my part, based on nothing more than it reducing inflammation. Something's causing that inflammation, it'll kick back in when conditions go back to normal.


earthsworld t1_iyd9bfy wrote

i don't think they're suggesting or demanding that all autists are should be forced into pressure chambers...


Barrelston t1_iyd4s8o wrote

All of you here seem normal AF to me from what I can gather from your comments. I'll never understand this "Autism" label given to people. I 1st noticed the heavy talk about Autistic people in the mid 2000's and never saw it as anything but people who were "socially awkward", shy or reserved. Whatever that means...

Elon is said to be Autistic, I don't see it. Who the fuck is coming up with these labels/terms/words?? I think if I was around a Autistic people I wouldn't even be able to tell.


earthsworld t1_iyd9mah wrote

maybe do a little research about what the autism spectrum is before opening your mouth next time?


Friedrich_Cainer t1_iyc8dwz wrote

Fuck you assholes downvoting him and fuck your “cures”.

Autism is far more widespread than the severe edge cases you get so worked up about. If you were ever successful in “curing” it I doubt humanity would last another generation.

You want to know what advice I’d give a young autistic person? It wouldn’t be “social skills” or how to mask better.

It would be: “It’s not your fault they live like this.”


thetwitchy1 t1_iyd7uxc wrote

I am an autistic person with autistic kids. Unfortunately? I HAVE to teach them to mask. Survival skills, my friend.

I love the people they are and the people they will become, but I know they will have to live in a world that views the way they are as disabled, and they will have to function within that world.


earthsworld t1_iyd9gq5 wrote

why are you jumping to the conclusion that all people with autism will soon be forced against their will into pressure chambers?