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[deleted] t1_iycrul3 wrote

Hmm I was the same as a kid. Doctor said "definitely not aspberger's, but a bit late on the social skills".


Vergil25 t1_iyctvgm wrote

he's 15 now and still the same. maybe you're on the spectrum. get tested


[deleted] t1_iycucyv wrote

They didn't want to do it since it doesn't seem to pose any difficulties for me now.

Now I eat almost everything, am comfortable with holding speeches in front of people and such. Feeling empathy is a bit hard at times though. Especially with difficult people.


earthsworld t1_iyda37c wrote

given your "joke", you never really quite developed those skills, dude.


[deleted] t1_iydf7yl wrote

Did I ever claim that?

I said I can hold speeches given the circumstance, not that I want to please everybody.