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Agreeable-Time-2027 t1_iydv8pa wrote

It’s depressing isn’t that so many people find it acceptable to talk about something they don’t live every day. It’s a totally lack of empathy and frankly a perfect encapsulation to the reason I never use Reddit the majority of people here are dog water. We get treated like shit. It’s hate speech disguised as a concern


code8888 t1_iydxjz3 wrote

You’d think r/singularity of all places would be home to more people like us lol

But yeah, the sheer amount of.. everything is disturbing. Bad faith arguing, baseless conjecture, drawing broad conclusions from novel research, failing to authentically engage with objections to the framing of the research itself (couched in the broad terms of a “cure” rather than the much better framing of a “treatment for distressing social deficits”). I really hate this place (Reddit as a whole, I mean).


Agreeable-Time-2027 t1_iydz9ld wrote

Yeah we are in the minority so as it has been with every other group in history we get bullied by the majority. People haven’t changed they just start hating people who can hardly defend them selfs. But yeah people fail to realize autism spectrum is a bogus term made recently by a bunch of elitist psychologist and you know they have such a great track record with that sort of thing