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saccharineboi t1_iyjyfhg wrote

Call your representative and pressure them on UBI


recidivistic_shitped t1_iymid7e wrote

Universal Basic Intelligence. Democratized AI requires hardware; every man an A100 GPU Cluster.


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Sashinii t1_iyk45ux wrote

Basic income should be implemented regardless of automation because it would end poverty, give everyone more freedom, and it would be excellent for the economy.


PrivateLudo t1_iyk6xh0 wrote

UBI would create massive inflation. It will happen when people lose their jobs in drove but not right now. Printing more money out of thin air is not good for the economy. UBI would be only created as excuse for people to sell their houses higher and price of commodities would also increase.

I am pro-UBI but I think its far too early to implement one. I think UBI would only start to work when AI is more prevalent.

Unless you say UBI should only be given to people who lost their job? Then I would agree.


poobearcatbomber t1_iykfakj wrote

Not if you increase corporate taxes to historical norms and actually collect them at all.


PrivateLudo t1_iykn8h0 wrote

Well you would need to achieve that first. But Healthcare is still privatized in the US and nothing is happening with that either. I dont see the government do anything about UBI until they hit a point of desperation where a massive amount of people lose their jobs.


Diaming787 t1_iyku6ji wrote

If all UBI does is redistributes money from taxes, especially robot taxes into the future, they will have zero effect on inflation.

Redistributing money is not printing money.


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PrivateLudo t1_iyp9a11 wrote

Easier said than done. Its extremely difficult to tax the rich because they can split their money in offshores tax havens and have a team of top lawyers to back them up. Businesses can simply move to another country to evade tax instead of being located in the US.


ZaxLofful t1_iyku5yg wrote

This is why the other commenter is being downvoted….In a nut shell


Ok_Homework9290 t1_iykwbvn wrote

You think so? I think the people who are downvoting me are doing so because they actually believe we should be ringing up our representatives right now demanding UBI because of upcoming automation and not simply because a UBI should be a human right regardless of automation (which I agree, btw).


ZaxLofful t1_iykwmj9 wrote

I mean, that’s why I downvoted you and that’s what the other commenter said they did…

It doesn’t actually matter what causes people to realize that we could have a UBI, because once you realize it; it’s all the same.


apyrexvision OP t1_iykvt1d wrote

I honestly like the idea of basic income, but I can't help but feel like it would stifle upward mobility. Unfortunately that may be a thing of the past until we move past the need currency.