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TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iypv5li wrote

Huh? Not sure I understand what you mean.

You mean the figment of my imagination I would see in my dream? Because that doesn't exist.

When we talk about "upload" we generally mean an identical "copy" of your brain pattern/connections that is simulated in software. The idea would be that this perfect copy would result in a copy of your consciousness.

Obviously, we don't really know because we have no real understanding of what is "consciousness".

But in that case, the scan that is uploaded isn't the you right now. It's another you that will think there was a continuity in the scanning process, but it will leave behind the consciousness stuck in the meat body.

So, if you like the idea of cloning yourself, that's cool. But your perception of reality would remain "stuck" in that body of yours. Until death.

The only scenario where your meat hardware can merge for the long term with the software would be a ship of Theseus kinda process where your synapses are gradually replaced by man made synapses that reproduce the function of your meat synapses and brain cell perfectly, until your brain is fully robotic. And then it needs to be stored safely for ever.

And I'm obviously talking out of my ass because this is all sci-fi and we have no actual understanding of how any of this would work because we haven't figured out how consciousness is created. But it's fun to think about


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iypwdrc wrote

clones are already real


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iypxbc8 wrote

It's also pretty funny because he references Clonaid, but that lab was founded in 1997, but the guy was born in 1988 lmao


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iypxnti wrote

Dolly the sheep was created in late 70s so It could’ve just been another company called something else. Ex: Facebook to Meta

He references Gucci Mane being a clone when he came out of prison. Kodak Black was also cloned and many other rappers as well. If we were able to clone sheep back in the 70s, then I imagine that altered carbon level tech existed longer than we know. He also points to his pineal gland which I thought was interesting, the pineal gland is known for restoring and maintaining cellular memory. Taylor Swift even said she was cloned on a live, Trippie Redd too. I think rappers, singers, and celebs are told by hollywood elitist that they will actually make it to the singularity and live forever in digital form (which will feel just as real as “reality”) We will own portal guns with IP addresses linked to it. Lil Uzi Vert had a crystal in his pineal gland area and always talks about how he plans to live forever.


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iypxyrj wrote

Wait, I'm not sure now if you're trolling or not ahahah

And even if we engage in those insane assertions, how are they "transferring" the personality into the clone lmao.

A "clone" that is born and experienced a totally different experience will literally not be the same person and have a completely different personality. So that is kinda pointless


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iypy1e8 wrote

Spoiler alert, the super rich have altered carbon tech already. I feel like i’m in Elysium sometimes. Also i’m not sure if all the clones are endoskeletons in a sac, some could definitely be made in a secret GIGA factory with exoskeletons lined up. Maybe that’s why our military budget is so expensive.

It’s possible to have two situations.

One: You clone yourself but your not conscious in it (no bluetooth to that unit)

two: You clone yourself and wirelessly bluetooth your conscious into the cloud between the two units. You can only pick one body at a time but have the capacity to switch bodies just like switching an iphone. You could have two units activated at the same time however one unit won’t be “You”, it’ll be a copy that very much still has feelings (still has a soul).