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TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iypxyrj wrote

Wait, I'm not sure now if you're trolling or not ahahah

And even if we engage in those insane assertions, how are they "transferring" the personality into the clone lmao.

A "clone" that is born and experienced a totally different experience will literally not be the same person and have a completely different personality. So that is kinda pointless


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iypy1e8 wrote

Spoiler alert, the super rich have altered carbon tech already. I feel like i’m in Elysium sometimes. Also i’m not sure if all the clones are endoskeletons in a sac, some could definitely be made in a secret GIGA factory with exoskeletons lined up. Maybe that’s why our military budget is so expensive.

It’s possible to have two situations.

One: You clone yourself but your not conscious in it (no bluetooth to that unit)

two: You clone yourself and wirelessly bluetooth your conscious into the cloud between the two units. You can only pick one body at a time but have the capacity to switch bodies just like switching an iphone. You could have two units activated at the same time however one unit won’t be “You”, it’ll be a copy that very much still has feelings (still has a soul).