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tatleoat t1_iyyjyn9 wrote

I mean, computers as smart as us in terms of processing power will probably be here 2030 at the latest, and then they literally double in intelligence every 18 months after that? It's no pipe dream but it is weird. 7 years ago Hillary and Trump were gearing up for an election, 7 years from now we might be a post-labor society.


Jayco424 t1_izd3xw8 wrote

7 years to a post labor society... That's mind boggling, like it's incredibly hard to believe, then again the idea of AI has been fiction for twice as long as I've been alive, and yet in just the past few we have AI making art, poetry, stories and whatnot on par with humans, it may have been going on longer, but it certainly wasn't on my radar pre-pandemic.