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Jayco424 t1_iylffs8 wrote

You know, half of me thinks we're a bunch of sad little nerds hoping against hope, against what appears to be a rather dark, bleak and dismal future; hoping for an imagined salvation that probably never will come. The other half is bat-futz ecstatic that things are coming to a point where our wildest dreams and then some could very much come true, immortality, body customization, immersive virtual reality, global Geo-engineering, actual takeoff for intensive space colonization, the works, and things we can't even dream of. It's kind of hard to rectify these two voices sometimes. Maybe cautious hope?


tatleoat t1_iyyjyn9 wrote

I mean, computers as smart as us in terms of processing power will probably be here 2030 at the latest, and then they literally double in intelligence every 18 months after that? It's no pipe dream but it is weird. 7 years ago Hillary and Trump were gearing up for an election, 7 years from now we might be a post-labor society.


Jayco424 t1_izd3xw8 wrote

7 years to a post labor society... That's mind boggling, like it's incredibly hard to believe, then again the idea of AI has been fiction for twice as long as I've been alive, and yet in just the past few we have AI making art, poetry, stories and whatnot on par with humans, it may have been going on longer, but it certainly wasn't on my radar pre-pandemic.


Veei t1_iylnlcg wrote

I’m definitely with you in that first half you describe. I have very little faith in humanity, especially in those who have the resources to successfully create AGI and beyond. I doubt their innovations would be made accessible to those without much means (if government agencies didn’t seize it first). I’ve heard some discussions around the thought that we should (or predict we will) stick to ANI (single/narrow purpose AI that we have now). Then there’s many experts that say it’s highly unlikely an AI would choose to help humans. Our track record is not good. Humans are so utterly prone to corruption when given the opportunity. It’s in our nature to define an “other” and divide ourselves. We’re selfish, tribal, conflict-driven pricks.

My guess is most want to (or must) believe in the coming of ASI and LEV simply due to the overwhelming fear of death. I’m in that camp though my cynicism keeps my hope from being anything other than a child’s wishing on a star.


humanefly t1_iyo5v4x wrote

I would expect AGI functionality to trickle down and become kind of a widely available commodity in time. The back end could live in the cloud with an interface available via cell phone.

I think we can have some control over some AI and design them to be human friendly. A human friendly AI could help to protect humans from human unfriendly AI. Caution recommended


s2ksuch t1_iyjvhdx wrote

He says in the article a 50% chance for LEV by 2037 but has said on twitter in the past it was 50% chance by 2036. It's only 1 year but I feel like he's been saying 50% chance within 15 years for quite a while now.


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iyk44wd wrote

ngl, i’m going to be pissed if we find out how to mindupload before we extend aging. I more so want anti aging to come out first mainly for my parents so they can buy time for minduploading.


Ashumshyserdel t1_iykru9i wrote

You’re not software running on hardware. Your consciousness is emergent from a complex interplay of chemical reactions, electrical impulses, and the entire physical structure of your brain. ~10^15 neural connections. 100,000 chemical reactions per second with secondary, tertiary, quaternary, etc. effects. 86,000,000,000 cells. Not all that are needed for you to be you, but a large percentage of them are required. “Mind uploading” will be an entire emulation of a human brain with all of those properties accounted for. Finding a biological way of extending aging in humans will happen long before that.


Artanthos t1_iykw0ln wrote

All you are doing is describing very complex hardware.

Hardware that we are already mapping and interfacing with.


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iylgax2 wrote

You understand that making a copy of that hardware/software isn't uploading you. You'll still be conscious and stuck in that meat body. You'd simply have a digital clones who's the one living the uploaded life.

I really can't see a way around that


Artanthos t1_iyngmug wrote

Lets take a look at a few scenarios, to help you see.

  1. There is no non-destructive upload. The transferred consciousness is the only surviving consciousness.
  2. Cryogenic preservation of the original body until a future point in time where the various consciousnesses can be merged into a healthy biological body. Should they so choose.
  3. Individual replacement of synapses - e.g. Ship of Theseus

TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iynh9pv wrote

Wait wait wait.

What are we even talking about here when you say consciousness. We don't even know what it is exactly.

The individual replacement of synapses is an interesting one. But you'd still need a physical brain to store the "consciousness".


Artanthos t1_iynj60r wrote

Our minds are not magic black boxes that operate outside of science, we will figure out how they work down to the smallest detail.


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iynje5i wrote

Yes, obviously. Just wanted to confirm, because with our current understanding of consciousness, nothing indicates "mind upload" could be a thing. It's all speculative sci-fi. Very fun, but just that


Artanthos t1_iynjv7z wrote

Most of the tech we have today was sci-fi when I was a kid.

Hell, today’s smartphones and tablets are way better than the equivalent tech on Star Trek.


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iylugdq wrote

When you go to bed and dream, when you look at your body, is that just a copy or is it an uploaded you ?


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iypv5li wrote

Huh? Not sure I understand what you mean.

You mean the figment of my imagination I would see in my dream? Because that doesn't exist.

When we talk about "upload" we generally mean an identical "copy" of your brain pattern/connections that is simulated in software. The idea would be that this perfect copy would result in a copy of your consciousness.

Obviously, we don't really know because we have no real understanding of what is "consciousness".

But in that case, the scan that is uploaded isn't the you right now. It's another you that will think there was a continuity in the scanning process, but it will leave behind the consciousness stuck in the meat body.

So, if you like the idea of cloning yourself, that's cool. But your perception of reality would remain "stuck" in that body of yours. Until death.

The only scenario where your meat hardware can merge for the long term with the software would be a ship of Theseus kinda process where your synapses are gradually replaced by man made synapses that reproduce the function of your meat synapses and brain cell perfectly, until your brain is fully robotic. And then it needs to be stored safely for ever.

And I'm obviously talking out of my ass because this is all sci-fi and we have no actual understanding of how any of this would work because we haven't figured out how consciousness is created. But it's fun to think about


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iypwdrc wrote

clones are already real


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iypxbc8 wrote

It's also pretty funny because he references Clonaid, but that lab was founded in 1997, but the guy was born in 1988 lmao


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iypxnti wrote

Dolly the sheep was created in late 70s so It could’ve just been another company called something else. Ex: Facebook to Meta

He references Gucci Mane being a clone when he came out of prison. Kodak Black was also cloned and many other rappers as well. If we were able to clone sheep back in the 70s, then I imagine that altered carbon level tech existed longer than we know. He also points to his pineal gland which I thought was interesting, the pineal gland is known for restoring and maintaining cellular memory. Taylor Swift even said she was cloned on a live, Trippie Redd too. I think rappers, singers, and celebs are told by hollywood elitist that they will actually make it to the singularity and live forever in digital form (which will feel just as real as “reality”) We will own portal guns with IP addresses linked to it. Lil Uzi Vert had a crystal in his pineal gland area and always talks about how he plans to live forever.


TheTomatoBoy9 t1_iypxyrj wrote

Wait, I'm not sure now if you're trolling or not ahahah

And even if we engage in those insane assertions, how are they "transferring" the personality into the clone lmao.

A "clone" that is born and experienced a totally different experience will literally not be the same person and have a completely different personality. So that is kinda pointless


Shelfrock77 OP t1_iypy1e8 wrote

Spoiler alert, the super rich have altered carbon tech already. I feel like i’m in Elysium sometimes. Also i’m not sure if all the clones are endoskeletons in a sac, some could definitely be made in a secret GIGA factory with exoskeletons lined up. Maybe that’s why our military budget is so expensive.

It’s possible to have two situations.

One: You clone yourself but your not conscious in it (no bluetooth to that unit)

two: You clone yourself and wirelessly bluetooth your conscious into the cloud between the two units. You can only pick one body at a time but have the capacity to switch bodies just like switching an iphone. You could have two units activated at the same time however one unit won’t be “You”, it’ll be a copy that very much still has feelings (still has a soul).


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theferalturtle t1_iyl7ds6 wrote

My concern with ending aging is undoing the damage already done. I've spent q5 years in construction and my body is done. My wife has ankolysing spondylitis. Can those things be fixed?


rlanham1963 t1_iynme7k wrote

I think people overestimate medicine as a field. It is incredibly slow and conservative--sometimes out of fear of ethics, more often out of rather poor incentives and scientific practices. Data falls on the floor with every patient. Medical training requires calculus *useless and ignores statistics and probability. It is still a rare medical school that teaches anything about AI or patient data systems. Hospitals swim in bacteria. I have personally witnessed data handling that would shock a good undergraduate-trained data scientist. On and on it goes. I seriously doubt progress in this field will arise soon.


ExternaJudgment t1_iznsb2g wrote

No one is expecting from the old idiots who hold everyone back with their obsolete ethics and beliefs to bring us anything good related to the future development.

As history has shown us many times, same will repeat with AI: the new AI solutions will break the boomers idiotic paradigms, and start to speed past them on left and right.


Chemical_Estate6488 t1_iyjweyz wrote

I think this will mostly be a question for the next generation. The early adapters are only going to be billionaires and other essential people until they are absolutely certain their are enough resources. I think we get eternal life in the next hundred years but only for between 500 - 2000 people. Then maybe eventually they get those numbers up to maybe 200,000 people by the year two thousand


Professional-Song216 t1_iykgxj3 wrote

I can see why resources would be a concern if our current capabilities and far as energy and infrastructure don’t match our ability to sustain near immortal population.

But given our current rate of progress I’d say issues like that can be dealt with in way less than 100 years, let’s see what happens.


Chemical_Estate6488 t1_iykh5p6 wrote

And I think the right and powerful get eternal life and the smartest, strongest, and best looking of us might get the chance to serve them, and to have their children and their children’s children serve them


EddgeLord666 t1_iykolf0 wrote

If that happened there would be worldwide French Revolution conditions lmao. If they want to keep their heads the elites will share longevity tech.