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SharpCartographer831 t1_j1scl6v wrote

Everyone can fuck off to their own simulated universe and leave everyone else alone. Isolationism will be the flavor of tomorrow.


Douglas12dsd t1_j1sqr8j wrote

Hell Yeah!

*puts vr glasses on*

exec GPT-6

"AI, create an entire season of Breaking Bad alternative universe where Jesse Pinkman is the true mastermind while Walter White is just a boomer sidekick that likes to make dad jokes in dangerous situation that surprisingly works"

"Breaking Dad: The Jesse and Walter Show" done. Say "Go" to start watching.


Finally, the life I always wanted.


SurroundSwimming3494 t1_j1sro3l wrote

What about your family and friends?

This comment and the amount of upvotes it has seriously disturbs me.


Douglas12dsd t1_j1ssk6b wrote

>What about your family and friends

Too busy living their own simulated universe.

>This comment and the amount of upvotes it has seriously disturbs me.

The current world is often dull and cruel, making it difficult for many people to find a place in it. Unfortunately, for some, their only way to survive is to stick with the status quo, even if they don't agree with it. Think about monks and how they quit society, but in a cyberpunkian way.


DesertBoxing t1_j1sv7ks wrote

They’ll be simulated in your VR world if you want them there.


Calm_Bonus_6464 t1_j1sd5e5 wrote

Once singularity is achieved its not going to matter what your political beliefs are, AI would be calling the shots whether you like it or not.


4e_65_6f OP t1_j1sdust wrote

I believe that it may come a point where AI always suggests the best decisions accurately. But if you follow those or not may still be up to you.

It's very possible that you'll still be allowed to do whatever the hell you want post singularity and use AI to aid you on that. I haven't come across an argument as to why not yet.


Calm_Bonus_6464 t1_j1sexmt wrote

Once we achieve AGI I believe those will be just recommendations, but once we achieve ASI and Singularity and have beings infinitely more intelligent than us, I can't imagine human governance continuing. If AI wanted to govern, there would be no way of stopping it. And even if somehow AI was benevolent enough to delegate this power to humans, why would we even want to continue governing ourselves when we have what's equivalent to God to make those decisions for us? We probably wouldn't even have the necessary intelligence to govern in a post-singularity world.


4e_65_6f OP t1_j1sfd46 wrote

I agree that AI may suggest the best course of action as to how to achieve the goals that you want. But when it comes to what you want to achieve, you'll still be the best person to figure that out.


Calm_Bonus_6464 t1_j1sfta7 wrote

You're assuming AI would be benevolent enough to delegate power to humans, I see no reason to believe that in a post singularity world. What's stopping AI from deciding what's best for humanity if its infinitely more intelligent than us?

What you're describing is how governance will be post AGI. By that point it will be just recommendations. But ASI and Singularity change everything.


4e_65_6f OP t1_j1sgmei wrote

> What's stopping AI from deciding what's best for humanity if its infinitely more intelligent than us?

Well so far the only "goal" it has been programmed to follow is human instructions. It does that even when it's uncalled for (car hotwiring suggestions for instance). I can totally see that being a reality in your system where you're allowed to be very stupid in a very smart way using AI.


Sashinii t1_j1se9uy wrote

What I want is technology to enable true independence where everyone is self-sustaining.


4e_65_6f OP t1_j1seoib wrote

I'd guess I would call that anarcho-individualism but the poll didn't allow for more options. It's a possibility though. IDK if it is sustainable but it is a possibility for sure.


Sashinii t1_j1sf7mu wrote

I agree with the "you will be the AI" option and picked it; it's just that I dislike the term "transhumanism", but people will merge with AI in order to enhance the neocortex and that's a future that I can't wait to experience.


pre-DrChad t1_j1sol3y wrote

Why do u dislike the term?


Sashinii t1_j1sq9fn wrote

Other than just not liking how it sounds, when people transcend come the singularity, they won't call themselves "transhumanists"; there will be qualitatively new things (including new forms of language and communication).


pre-DrChad t1_j1t4857 wrote

Do you mean like we won’t be humans anymore?

I suppose it will be tough to classify us as a species in the future for sure. Some people will be uploaded into the cloud, some people may remain biological meatbags.


Practical-Mix-4332 t1_j1sqsl2 wrote

Transhumanism - the end game is that everyone will just be one big ball of orgasm energy with exponentially increasing intensity for all eternity.


sumane12 t1_j1sfjdz wrote

Post singularity, the only option is transcendence. To become the AI.

I suppose if super AI is benevolent, he might allow people to go on living their lives, at which point, anyone will be able to live in their own simulation with whatever economic rules they like. I can't see un-enhanced humans having anything to barter with the ASI. So either the ASI will give them stuff for free, food, water shelter, human rights ect, or it will leave the world to live free from artificial intelligence, and it to remain like a national park full of natural living things.

This is like asking what a black whole looks like from the inside.


Reeferchief t1_j1sjvge wrote

Anarchism is a revolutionary concept in which society is reorganised to free people from oppressive hierarchies and create a more equitable and cooperative world. In such a world, individuals would be free to pursue their own interests and make their own decisions, without fear of marginalisation or oppression. Resources would be abundant and shared among all, creating an environment where everyone could thrive without fear of a lack of resources or opportunities. Through this, it is possible to create a world where everyone can live peacefully together and experience the full potential of society.

Anarchism is not just a radical idea; it is also a practical solution to many of the world's most pressing problems. In an anarchist society, people would have the freedom to express their opinions without fear of retribution, and there would be no need for a central government to dictate the terms of life. This would lead to a system of mutual aid, where everyone works together to ensure that everyone is able to access the resources they need. By abolishing hierarchies, we could create a fair and equitable society in which everyone is respected and valued.


Calm_Bonus_6464 t1_j1sl6ox wrote

Was this written by ChatGpt lol


Reeferchief t1_j1st5d5 wrote

Nah, I wrote it and then made GPT-3 fix up some things and add a few details, I believe that anarchy will be needed to move us into an equal and just society, especially with the advent of AGI and the singularity.


Scarlet_pot2 t1_j1smx7h wrote

hard choice. Most realistic? AI for those who can afford it. Optimal? the AI communism sounds good until you get on the bad side of the majority, then you can lose everything. So you need to conform to live. The same argument can be made for the UBI for essentials though, without as much benefits for conforming. Trans-humanism will probably only be available to the people who can afford it + people hardcore enough to do it

Return to monke would be the religious / Amish / hippie types

AI technocracy would most likely only happen if the singularity went bad. I doubt people would willingly let an AI rule over them, at least for the first 100 years. Maybe a small community would try it first


DEATH_STAR_EXTRACTOR t1_j1sx4g1 wrote

I beleive we all will get luxury and then all will eventually beocme advanced nanobots.Your question is a bit hard for me to answer then, it's not well laid out really ....

i chose trnas human and glad i did...msot chose it! ya....we will be the robots soon, and we will be smarter and told what to do we wont have i.e. the dumb laws we have now!!!!! And, yes we all will have luxury....hence my chosen answer


AdorableBackground83 t1_j1t1ab0 wrote

The end goal should be a Resource Based Economy as advocated by the Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project.

Long story short it’s a post scarcity system that is designed to take care of all human needs and the environment without the use of money, crypto, barter, exchange or servitude of any kind.

It’s a system that is designed for the future whereas our current system is completely outdated and is holding humanity back.

Of course getting from here to there is not gonna be easy at all. It might take a century or two (hopefully less) until we see a true post scarcity society.

Until then ideas like UBI and massive price drops in necessities is the short term goal. Of course our so called leaders and corporations are not gonna be that altruistic unless massive civil unrest and mass economic depression begins to unfold.


AsheyDS t1_j1t5435 wrote

Judging from these responses, I feel like if an open source AGI were dropped into people's laps, nobody would know what to do with it.


4e_65_6f OP t1_j1udy4m wrote

Yeah thankfully by then you can use the AGI to help figure that out too.


TemetN t1_j1tcf2c wrote

This seems like a bit of a mess honestly, as if you tossed together a few economic variants and some strange random ones. Frankly, I suspect for example that transhumanism will exist with other options. Further, some of these (such as UBI) are transitory policies until scarcity is done away with more than politics.


In the long run I expect the 'winning' ideology would be one based on personal freedom and the protection thereof. Since absent scarcity, there's not a lot of call for much else in the way of government.


4e_65_6f OP t1_j1u3oxt wrote

I was trying to include everyone's variation of post singularity economics as an option. I knew that no matter what I put in the poll there would be people complaining theirs it's not there. And TBH there are not a lot of choices some of these don't have an actual defined name it's more what I've seen people mention around in the sub from time to time.

Transhumanism in this economic context means you'll have to merge with machines in order to work for a living. I also believe it's possible that a mix of multiple of these options happen at the same time.


BasedFrench t1_j1sng47 wrote

Not anprim but more Kaczynskist/luddist


Scarlet_pot2 t1_j1sop4p wrote

To be brutally honest, when I daydream of the singularity its always me using the AIs to climb the social latter and have power over people. To be able to do what I want without repercussions. I guess the logic is the rich, powerful, early adopters, and people in the tech world will be the only ones with access to advanced AI, and the majority will be struggling due to automation. Captialism where the average person can't sell their labor is not good. A society with only the haves and have-nots.

Or when I picture it in a better scenario where everyone has access to AI, I picture myself spending a lot of time in FDVR. Not too much, like 2-5 hours a day. Then using nano tech in real life to change my body so I can be what I want. I'd keep my original body mostly the same just make it better, prettier, stronger, more durable. I'd have a second body of the opposite gender I could use when I want, not like transferring my consciousness but more like a neural implant where all of my senses go thru it and have full control of it so it's like a second body. Maybe give myself superpowers too because why not? Have you seen the movie transcendence, how the ASI guy used the nano particles in the air to do a bunch of crazy stuff? Like that. except being able to control the nano particles like gaara too. Other changes I'd make, titanium bones, subdermal armor, increased healing, no aging, increased strength, make eating optional. some aesthetic changes to body. Of course have meaningful relationships and an adventurous meaningful life would be a goal too.

I basically made a list of how I'd want the singularity to go, one for the bad case and one for the good case


PulsatingMonkey t1_j1t2vb2 wrote

Sad to see this place is dominated by communists.


XPao t1_j1sgy2h wrote

The options are politically charged and biased lol sad attempt.


4e_65_6f OP t1_j1sh5o9 wrote

Sorry I even googled other political ideologies but it's impossible that I'd make a poll that nobody would find bias.

What option do you think I've missed?


XPao t1_j1shv9f wrote

In my country we have a name for people like you mate "SONSO". Have a nice day.


4e_65_6f OP t1_j1sii0m wrote

não estou fazendo de sonso, não entendi qual sistema você está propondo além dos que coloquei na pesquisa.


Scarlet_pot2 t1_j1sp4rx wrote

Maybe you should move to a first world country then.


XPao t1_j1tv869 wrote

It's funny you mention that, feel free to check my post history and confirm that I live in the country with the highest quality of life in the whole world. Can you say the same thing about yourself?


Scarlet_pot2 t1_j1wzhyd wrote

"Pao" sounds chinese. Even if you live in a small Nordic country, you should support socialism & social democracy. It's why your country is so enjoyable.


XPao t1_j1xupcj wrote

No it isn't lol what are you even talking about.. Stop believing in fiction. Actually I had to run away from a socialist shit hole, it's even offensive to me for you to mention that disgusting ideology so please stop it thanks.


Scarlet_pot2 t1_j1xx1te wrote

-Says the guy with free healthcare, free college and high unionization rates.


XPao t1_j1ydpkf wrote

In Switzerland? Okay mate!

Every citizen of Switzerland pays a lot every month for private health insurance.

Unization is the nearly the lowest in Europe.

College is expensive.

We have lots of guns by the way.

The Switzerland conservative party is the main political party in power for years.

Educate yourself.