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thePsychonautDad t1_iyrxtj6 wrote

I wasn't expecting GPTchat this year.

It has written 2 softwares in C for me, start to finish. It fixed its own error when I provided error code. It gave me compilation instructions and setup instructions.

It has developed 3 half-baked short story plot, coming up with twists and details and written an entire 5 pages sci-fi short story that has a couple paragraphs that made me genuinely laugh out loud. That 5 page story took about 2h to generate, incrementally, including rewrite requests.

It has solved bugs that had me blocked for a couple hours, and it solved them correctly for me in 30sec.

It has translated and explained complex equations I had trouble understanding and implementing, I just provided the latex code for it.

The quality of this AI is incredible. It's very very close to an AGI. It's just missing a feedback loop and a consciousness.

I'd have expected that leap forward in maybe to 5 years, but not this year. It's crazy we're already there. Gave me "We're not there yet" vibes from Westworld.


AvgAIbot t1_iys332f wrote

I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT for my e-commerce start up and it’s been incredible for me as well.

I gave it my competitors product description and said to rewrite it with more humor and sass.

I was blown away by the result. Copy writing skills of an advanced copy writer. Everything made sense too.


thed4rkl0rd t1_iysldyi wrote

How exactly did you phrase that question? When I try the same it replies with that it cannot rewrite or provide original content …


AvgAIbot t1_iytxmw9 wrote

I just said “rewrite the following product description using more humor and sass: {product description text}”