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mocha_sweetheart t1_j1u76kl wrote

Here's something similar to the sheet with dozens of studies supportiing trans people etc. while I find the new link

  1. You talk about these few anecdotal examples because of the body horror aspect of people feeling trapped in the wrong body, but that's already how trans people feel in situations where they are unable to transition. The reason people often try to block having the puberty of the gender they don't identify with is because that feeling of being in the wrong body is so painful that most of us get suicidal ideation from it; In fact... Well-being (of transgender children after puberty suppression) was similar to or better than same-age young adults from the general population. Early transition virtually eliminates these higher rates of depression and low self-worth Transition dramatically improves mental health among trans kids The younger one transitions, the fewer problems one will have
  2. Well, they are different phenomena that feel very differently and you'd understand if it you had gender dysphoria but you don't, and most trans people talk about how hormone therapy helps with some of those issues but not others making the distinction even easier

3.1 First of all, read the replies on this thread that explain it a lot better Second of all, again, claims about identity are always unfalsifiable and I will not tolerate you denying my identity or dismissing it. I am a woman

  1. Yes, exactly, you can't prove a chimp's identity much the same way as how some external features don't prove a person's internal neurological identity

Accomplished_Box_907 t1_j1vqvxh wrote

I saw someone say in there to eventually abolish man and woman and only have male and female.... Like that is where we started. Look i may be done with the debate on gender because it appears weve reached the root. You believe you have a feeling of woman inside you, Yet you have never been a woman, how can you "know their truth" as you all like to say. You cannot feel like something that does not exist, and if it does not exist, why not be called by your identifying trait, male or female, and be whoever you feel like being. He and She have NEVER described someones personality or role. Just like when i say she when referring to a female body builder, or he when referring to a gay man. Your pronouns do not effect who you want to be. AND YES, identities are falsifiable. I am not a wolf, I will never be a wolf, and there is no feeling of a wolf because i do not know what that is like.


mocha_sweetheart t1_j1w9442 wrote

Did you see the response on the communism thing in the other thread? Also did you expect me to not notice how you didn’t respond to any other part of my comment?