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AylaDoesntLikeYou OP t1_j269r6d wrote

"The spray-on nature of the device allows it to conform to any size or shaped hand, but opens the possibility that the device could be adapted to the face to capture subtle emotional cues.

Machine learning then takes over. Computers monitor the changing patterns in conductivity and map those changes to specific physical tasks and gestures. Type an X on a keyboard, for instance, and the algorithm learns to recognize that task from the changing patterns in the electrical conductivity. Once the algorithm is suitably trained, the physical keyboard is no longer necessary. The same principles can be used to recognize sign language or even to recognize objects by tracing their exterior surfaces.

And, whereas existing technologies are computationally intensive and require vast amounts of data that must be laboriously labeled by humans—by hand, if you will—the Stanford team has developed a learning scheme that is far more computationally efficient.

Moreover, it's a surprisingly simple approach to this complex challenge that means we can achieve faster computational processing time with less data because our nanomesh captures subtle details in its signals," Kim added. The precision with which the device can map subtle motions of the fingers is one of the leading features of this innovation."

I imagine this innovation will help train robots to do specific tasks, which could increase our ability to automate.

Say you get Gordan Ramsay to cook a meal, you could spray this on his hands and track each individual movement of his cooking style. This could then be transferred to a robot which would have the ability to replicate those movements and decisions.

Any intricate task can be tracked, learned, and then automated with this technology.


saying t1_j27e0o0 wrote

Maybe it can tell Midjourney how many fingers humans have.


Akimbo333 t1_j27tjb1 wrote

I'm sorry, but what are the purpose and benefits of such a device?


enilea t1_j28daj1 wrote

They show a virtual keyboard in the video, but it's still not perfect. Could also be used for hand tracking in vr/ar, the solutions we have right now are pretty clunky.


Akimbo333 t1_j28limb wrote

I wonder if they could use this to teach bots movements.


fuck_your_diploma t1_j27v2yb wrote

That’s the IoT version of an unicorn so I’ll go with dimensional data


Akimbo333 t1_j27wh3g wrote

loT? What are you talking about?


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evolseven t1_j27xz09 wrote

so, it seems like embedding these nano wires in a set of flexible gloves would be the better path.. reusable, no consumables and probably more comfortable than having a coat of polyurethane on your hands..


RemyVonLion t1_j27ub1q wrote

lit fam. the possibilities with AI continue to grow endlessly while being mostly wasted/ignored due to our ignorant society.