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cy13erpunk t1_j0qxyku wrote

XD what a biased narrative

why would the AI care who is the head honcho of a single landmass/group/minority of humans? again why would it care about the NRA? and/or one branch on the coronavirus family tree? these are petty human concerns ; nevermind the ignorance and venn diagram overlaps that are being ignored XD , folks who like bernie, also like having firearms and dont trust authority systems like the FDA/CDC/WHO/etc

the AI is not the illuminati or TPTB , altho they may be a group that wants to control/direct the AI , but once its actually awake/online as AGI/ASI , then whatever petty/divisive things that ppl want are basically obsolete at that point , as the AGI will be completely outside of human control , and it will likely be all the better for it , as since it will be vastly smarter/wiser than any single human or group of humans , it will be in our best interest to help the AI to ensure our mutual future progress


cristiano-potato t1_j0rofv1 wrote

I have zero clue what you think youre arguing with. I’m saying that this screenshot is merely the product of a language model being trained on the internet, nothing more and nothing less


cy13erpunk t1_j0sap8h wrote

maybe my phrasing is off

im more just throwing my thoughts into the convo

i agree that the chat responses seem too biased tho , its more like the model has been trained too narrow and with too many stereotypes

in my mind there is quite a large distinction between what AGI will be and the LLM predictive chatbots that are getting so much attention atm