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Gimbloy t1_j1nldxt wrote

Yes, nothing seems more obvious to me. Google's whole value proposition was built on the PageRank algorithm (recommend reading the original paper), and 90% of it's revenue still comes from search. ChatGPT is like PageRank on steroids, it compresses information into knowledge, which is what people want when they google something.


diener1 t1_j1nx9xr wrote

Well, there is a difference between some advanced chat AI replacing the current google search and ChatGPT replacing it. I doubt Google will go down without a fight. If that's where search is heading, Google will 100% have their own chat AI and given their resources it will probably be among the best there is.


Gimbloy t1_j1nyg9a wrote

The problem with large organisations is that they become slow. Generally startups are at the forefront of new innovation. It would take a shake up on the scale of Steve Jobs returning to Apple to get google to where it needs to be imo.


Fmeson t1_j1o2q9k wrote

Google already has an ai division with some chops. Big corps are risk adverse, but I do think Google can and will learn from open AI. They just to find a way to do it that doesn't hurt their ad revenue.


diener1 t1_j1o07v5 wrote

I don't think we can really judge very well what they have in the pipeline without working there. Also speed isn't everything. If they are a bit slower but end up coming out with the absolute best chat AI, they will get their users right back.


RavenWolf1 t1_j1rhxis wrote

I'm pretty sure that OpenAI is not launching any ChatGPT search but actually Microsoft is.


SupPandaHugger OP t1_j1nmi1q wrote

It is indeed very capable and useful. But as I argued in the article, it isn't that simple.


lehcarfugu t1_j1odpak wrote

the main problems are

  1. it hallucinates if it doesn't know the answer, giving straight misinformation (this is probably why google hasn't released yet)

  2. it doesnt give you links to sources (it probably could if it was enabled)


ftc1234 t1_j1op1l9 wrote

Maybe. But it’s useful for the common case of just getting basic information. Google is not that good with complex questions either.


StringNut t1_j1q2k5f wrote

hallucinations are a kind of wrong information. advertisements could be described in the same way. it's related somehow to what you are looking for, but is biased in a way that makes in unreliable and unverifiable.


Ribak145 t1_j1pwuck wrote

there is an argument to be made that people dont care so much for perfect information, but rather care about access and presentation

the presentation of info with Google search is horrible compared to Chat-AIs


the68thdimension t1_j1o31er wrote

It probably will, but I hope it doesn't. This person outlines why far better than I can:


inglandation t1_j1ocj8r wrote

" But despite Pichai’s casual claim that his AI “understands” many topics, language models do not know what they are saying and cannot reason about what their words convey."

I've seen this before, but I've never found this convincing. How can the author be so sure of that, since we don't even know how reasoning and understanding work in the human mind?


imbiandneedmonynow t1_j1o494c wrote

the only problem right now is it gets some facts wrong, so until it doesn't spread misinformation, it would be a long time before then. Even if, some people would probably still use google just because they have the sources right in front of them


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PM_ME_A_STEAM_GIFT t1_j1pwqkr wrote

I think it would have to have internet access. If it did, why could it not be trained to research a topic? I think this could even be implemented on top of GPT. Tell it to give you a good Google search term, execute the search with a script, pass the result to GPT and ask which links seem like they could contain an answer. Then pass it the page content and ask if it can find an answer to the question. Of course it would take a lot of fine tuning and time to get it right, but I don't think it would be impossible.


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PM_ME_A_STEAM_GIFT t1_j1qfy6k wrote

I understand that ChatGPT cannot do research and that it's "just" a super advanced auto-complete. But I think it would be possible to "hook it up" to the internet in a very basic sense. It is capable of generating good google search terms (people even use it for image prompt generation). It is also good at extracting information from text. So in theory, if you allowed it to run web queries, it should be able to research a topic. Shouldn't it?


GoldenRain t1_j1qpv2z wrote

> which is what people want when they google something.

The top 10 google search words on are the following: Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, weather, Walmart, Google, Wordle, Gmail, Target, Home Depot.

Even if you compare the top 50 results, I don't see any that ChatGPT can do better.