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TouchCommercial5022 t1_j1nmx66 wrote


Chatgpt is based on an updated version of gpt3 (call it gpt3.5) and the chatbot was released as a kind of preview of gpt4.

will it replace google??

I really doubt it

Am I the only one who doesn't like having only one answer?

People are still going to want to investigate. Yes, chatGPT helps you research, but when I try to learn something new, I read a lot of articles that have different perspectives on the same topic.

Also, our content bubbles are already small enough. Can you imagine that everyone got the same answers from the same source? *shudder

Or even worse, a different answer from the same source. Have you tried deleting the conversation and coming back a day later to ask the same questions? I don't usually get the same answer.

GPT3 is likely a bot that we train to sound like a person who knows what they're talking about. Not really knowing many facts.

ChatGPT hints at a perhaps near future, but it has at least two major flaws, which are the inaccuracy of the data that is postulated as correct. Second, how do you release a language model into the world without it being influenced/modulated by nefarious actors? How do you trust the data you are being given? How do you know if you are making things up? These may be bigger challenges than we are led to believe from this ChatGPT demo.

I asked ChatGPT questions and he provided me with completely fabricated scientific studies, when I asked him to cite the author and DOI of the studies, it's all fictitious, it seems convincing until you look up the studies and find out they don't. I don't exist. It's certainly very fast, very convincing, but it's not really an AI assistant unless it's an assistant that does shit and is therefore far from reliable.

Yes, this appears to be world-changing technology, but it is actually currently the Emperor's New Clothes. We'll have to wait until GPT4 arrives to see what the progress looks like. There are some big challenges ahead for this technology to overcome.


ChatGPT is predictive text generation. It's not an encyclopedia, it's not a web browser, it's not a web search, it doesn't even know anything recent. And he will directly lie to you.

Predictive text neural networks must be fed with selected data sets. They have to be cured because uncured data quickly overwhelms everything else and turns them into crazy Nazis, it's literally the story of all previous chatbots. That means it takes time for new information to reach them, which means you can't be up to date on anything recent.

It also magnifies any biases present in the data being fed. If you see that certain words appear together, you rate them as highly likely to go together. However, that means that if the only data you provide about the Middle East is about terrorism in the data sets, it will associate everyone in the Middle East with terrorism. If you only give him stories about white people, he will associate whiteness with "good" attributes.

ChatGPT also doesn't know what it doesn't know. It will gladly lie to you if it doesn't know an answer and spit out crashing programs. He is also trained in a wide range of subjects, but not all subjects. Good luck trying to come up with the best Elden Ring strategies, and gosh, don't trust anything that's truly life-threatening.

Or maybe Google just buys them. It is standard business practice for large companies to buy promising startups and then close or integrate them

the problem with buying them is that OpenAI is backed by Microsoft (and I think Nvidia) so they would probably be behind the queue if an acquisition was ever put on the table.

But Google has its own version with a more advanced training suite to be released next year. It's going to be an arms race, not a buy, I hope they release something to compete with instead of buying it like they always do.

They already have LaMDA in-house, they just haven't wanted to release it as ChatGPT for fear of misuse and bugs. ChatGPT already shows errors and problems.

However, all it does is show them the need to make a product using LaMDA sooner.

A friend works at Google and he showed me some LaMDA talks and it's on par with what OpenAI is doing. It even leans more conversational and less robotic

Super bullish on GOOG long term.

And Google is the only one that seems to be able to offer self-driving cars. Google has a lot of potential between its core business, calico and Waymo.

Shit got serious.

I can't wait for the google v2 experience where I don't have to rely on my search engineering skills.

Let's go google. speed up please

The problem is that google used to be searched, the first page results include the studies you wanted.

Now it's search, sponsored results, 13 pages of political opinions and news articles, loosely related study result I wanted.

ChatGPT has been a breath of fresh air - I may not be perfect and mess up from time to time, but I can quickly weed out the nonsense and find answers.

Maybe if your search wasn't riddled with SEO spam and actually gave me what I wanted to see without having to add "reddit" to the end, I wouldn't be using ChatGPT

The problem is when Google will steer you in completely different directions based on what it "thinks" you'll continue to see. It's not uncommon to get different search results based on things like region and create regional bias.

I don't think ChatGPT competes directly, but it would be VERY nice to have a solid competitor to Google in web search, because if Google doesn't like you, your business is basically ruined these days.


SupPandaHugger OP t1_j1np2uj wrote

Did you generate this answer with ChatGPT?


yolkedbuddha t1_j1ns7f3 wrote

Lol it reads like it..


SinceBecausePickles t1_j1nzlob wrote

not at all, chatgpt has very predictable patterns in the way it gives you info. that comment doesn’t read like it one bit


gahblahblah t1_j1oikii wrote

A quick scan of his profile reveals multiple posts per 24 hour spans that effectively max out the character limit of a comment. The detail in the replies is uncharacteristic of a person typing.

Perhaps we have entered that ironic period, where if a post is too high a quality that exposes them as being a bot.


SinceBecausePickles t1_j1oonrf wrote

it doesn’t read like chatgpt. if there are some other chat bots idk. but it’s not chatgpt


Storm_treize t1_j1q01lf wrote

What about asking ChatGPT to give you various articles to read with different perspectives for your "Subject", instead of typing in Google: "Subject"