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HeinrichTheWolf_17 t1_iz6urtn wrote

I wouldn’t worry, that position will go away pretty quickly once the tech is here.


Dindonmasker t1_iz7rzjd wrote

I just wish my grandmother would live long enough to see it... she's 91... she's an amazing person.


buddypalamigo19 t1_izaojuc wrote

My grandmother died a few months ago at 89. I tried to delicately open the subject with her a handful of times over the last 10 years or so, and she immediately shut me down each time. She wanted to die and go see my grandpa. No amount of talk from me would have changed her mind. And it hurts, knowing that I'll never see her again. But sometimes, there's nothing we can do. People will do what they want.


Ivan_The_8th t1_iz8dwzc wrote

I think you underestimate religious fanatics. Tho they are going to die out at some point.


smackson t1_iz8zv5n wrote

Well, those with access will say "fuck that position, I want mine" but the flipside, the attitude from rest of world (the shamers) that those people should feel bad about it... that will stay until it's more democratized / widely available.


nvnehi t1_iz8zd74 wrote

Living longer is nice. Living forever would be hell, and tremendously boring.


HeinrichTheWolf_17 t1_iz94emb wrote

Well it’s a good thing I’m a posthumanist then. Seriously, the Singularity is going to give you total control of your mental state, just switch off boredom and never worry about it again brah.

Sorry man, traditionalists just cannot win =]


nvnehi t1_izdotri wrote

Yeah... that's the issue.

Once you turn off emotions, there's zero reason to ever turn them back on. What's the point of living if you're just a pure logic machine.

I'm so far from a traditionalist, I just have the intelligence to recognize that eternity is a really long time, and there are only so many experiences once can experience.

Once you can "set" options, you can also experience EVERYTHING within seconds in a sort of virtual environment, and truly experience them - not just in a visual way.

Death gives life meaning. When I was younger, I MAY have been in agreement but, as I get older, I recognize that you can't have the sweet without the sour, and I'd prefer not to live a meaningless life - which is what you get when you can "set" your mood, and personality, you end up with everyone being the same.

I'll hard pass on a Borg like future, thanks.

I'd prefer a singularity-assisted existence over being a singularity myself.