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Exel0n t1_iz8dtey wrote

a lot has to do with jealousy. normies always are super sensitive to the "wealthy" being able to have advantages. whether its money, status, yachts, private jets, health care.....

normies dont understand economics. they legit thinks "trickle down" is a false concept while its actually quite real in the real world, not normie's imaginary world. mobile phones used to be the size of brick in 90s and now almost everyone can afford a smartphone that's bascially a mini computer.

normies have no imaginations. they just can't grab the concept that just coz new things are expensive and more exlucisve, doesnt mean they'd remain the case decades later. things always have to start somewhere. but normies, due to their inherant lack of imagination and pettiness, they get mad if a new tech doesn't benefit them immediately. they always want instant benefits.


smackson t1_iz8zj1v wrote

Not gonna downvote you, but you sound somewhat like an apologist for elitism. "Normies" is also too big and diverse a category to paint with such a broad brush.

I think It's possible to live in a world where economic incentives do have a role but where there are some limits on wealth disparity (and resulting quality-of-life disparity).

For example, I think the cellphone is a decent example of where the market was the prime mover (with one caveat: don't forget who invented the internet) and the poorest people did benefit from rich world tech investment and speculation.

But pharma and basic research is a mess... a lot of it subsidized by the taxpayer via grants in the university system, meanwhile price gouging on the other end by the pharma corps, for their contribution ("we have to make obscene profits or you won't have vaccines!") and insurance middlemen basically feeding off everyone else's misfortune.

And I think that if true life-extension arrives... the model will be much closer to the latter.


Exel0n t1_iz90p70 wrote

pharma is expensive af coz of excessive government regulation, especially the FDA. a medical trial literally cost billions in US and there'd be failed trials that yield nothing so those companies have to jack up prices to compensate. EU regulators are just as bad, probably worse.

the insurance scheme in US is also not free market.

the reason internet and IT took off so quickly is exactly coz of lack of regulation. otherwise it gonna be stifled just like medicine

it took covid to bring the mRNA tech online. without covid, mRNA still would be in animal trials.... and probably decades away from ever be mass released and also would have huge risk of getting banned due to side effects.

and it's exactly normies that are causing this. their fear of the unknown and their ignorance end up costing their own life quality but they don't understand, they never will.


smackson t1_iz95ccm wrote

> expensive af coz of excessive government regulation

Ah. I see you are a member of the church. The church of "whatever's wrong with free market capitalism is the fault of too much regulation".

You sound like one of those teenage libertarians who I thought were getting fewer on the non-circle-jerk areas of reddit.


Cult_of_Chad t1_iza6yev wrote

You're not exactly wrong. The fact that you're not being downvoted to hell means that the reddit tankies haven't gotten their claws into this sub yet.