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RocksHardWaterWet t1_j2fk3j3 wrote

I live in LA. We have driverless cars NOW and they are no longer operating on a provisional license. Waymo and others are fully licensed to operate and without a safety/backup driver.


frogsntoads00 t1_j2fpv2x wrote

So why the fuck can’t Tesla seem to figure it out with the budget they surely put towards full self driving?


Talkat t1_j2fuj31 wrote

Tesla is trying to solve FSD everywhere not on small isolated areas. Their progress is ramping exponentially. I think it will be solved on 18 months-ish. They are already focused on building the robo taxi


RocksHardWaterWet t1_j2fqgc9 wrote

Because they are trying to use LiDAR. Elon says this is more difficult in the short term, but will be the right choice in the long term..


Fortkes t1_j2fqam1 wrote

Driverless cars working in all conditions and all locations. Basically can it navigate a WRC rally course as good as an average Finn, at night while it's snowing.