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Cognitive_Spoon t1_j2ac21t wrote

UBI is cheaper than mass incarceration class warfare.

But it's not currently cheaper than social control mechanisms like social media or courting the working class through right wing social populism or left wing economic populism.

When/if the working class manages to recognize that the oligarchs are the common enemy and that an undergrad degree has been replaced by automation, that's when the oligarchs will need to decide between UBI or ammunition.

We're probably about 5 years from that decision point, though, barring another large wave of disease that forces more immediate automation.


TonyTalksBackPodcast t1_j2dt1j7 wrote

I don’t share your concerns about “the ruling class” because once true AI is achieved it will de facto be the ruler. I hope it is more benevolent than humanity in that role