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Wiskkey t1_j14fm83 wrote

The copyright registration has not been cancelled. Instead, an initiation of registration cancellation was done by the U.S. Copyright Office. The registration for the work is still listed when doing a search at the U.S. Copyright Office site. Lawyer(s) for Kris Kashtanova sent this letter to the Office. The Office will make a decision whether to cancel. See this blog post from a lawyer for more details.


genericrich t1_j14gfm6 wrote

Fruit of the poisoned tree.


Son_of_Orion t1_j14m9m9 wrote

I agree with this. AI can be incredibly useful for the conception of ideas and workflow efficiency. But the actual product should be made by human hands.


TheSecretAgenda t1_j1516su wrote

Big mistake. AI created comics may save the comic book industry, which is currently in trouble. It will of course cost many artists and inkers their jobs but, spur writers to new heights of creativity.


itsnickk t1_j15g3l4 wrote

Civic copyright systems are woefully unprepared for what is about to commence with AI.


magosaurus t1_j189b48 wrote

This is only going to cause people to lie about their creations and not be up-front about AI usage. As it improves, it will be harder and harder to detect, if not impossible.

At that point it will be the honor system, which is not sustainable.

I predict the policy will not last.