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sumane12 t1_izkoohf wrote

We are currently in the top picture for 3d images, so next year we should have really good 3d models generated by a text prompt... It's a completely different world.


ReallyBadWizard t1_izksoib wrote

Then we get gifs... And then the floodgates open


SendMePicsOfCat t1_izl51rj wrote is a website that lets you make really low quality gifs with their diffuser. Its cool, but it is very much the top image, not the bottom one. check it out thought, really neat


I_am_unique6435 t1_izkxd68 wrote

we already got gifs kinda. we'll get films next. then computer games. suddenly zuckerbergs strategy of focussing on hardware doesn't sound too bad right


MassiveIndependence8 t1_izl0wcs wrote

It’s progressing exponentially so next year very well might be in 3 months


BigShoots t1_izm0mrk wrote

Yeah this stuff is absolutely exploding right now as we know and is about to go supernova. It will definitely be the story of 2023, and might even pull it out in time to become the story of 2022 even though ChatGPT just came out. The next few weeks are about to get seriously weird.


bigfootsocks t1_izm4x2z wrote

I'm new to this. What is expected in 2023?


BigShoots t1_izm99x8 wrote

Better, faster, stronger.

The next version of ChatGPT will be off the charts. The AI art world is about to explode and the tech will get better. Imagine a version of Photoshop where you just speak into a microphone what you want, and the AI does it for you. Your parents or your grandma might not be aware of this stuff, but they will be very soon because it will be impossible to ignore.

This shit is about to completely turn the world upside down in the next year, for better or for worse. It likely won't all be good, but it will definitely be very, very interesting.

This will sound like hyperbole but I believe it's on the disruption level of the harnessing of electricity, or the inventions of the automobile, and the Internet itself. I also think the speed of the changes it brings about will dwarf any of those other three.


Glad_Laugh_5656 t1_izn6ao7 wrote

>This shit is about to completely turn the world upside down in the next year

I've been seeing comments like this on this sub way too much recently.

Change does not happen this quickly. We're not just suddenly going to go from a "normal" year in 2022 to a "crazy" year in 2023, life and society and dare I say technological progress don't work that way. I'm sure a lot of people thought that way back in 2020 when GPT3 was announced, but 2 and a half years it still really hasn't affected the world all too much, and ChatGPT is not that giant of an improvement over GPT3, in my opinion.

In any case, nobody should be rooting for your prediction to come true because that much change in the span of one year is way too much too handle for society.


Galzara123 t1_j1ftl2g wrote

I know im 2 weeks late, but you are right and you aren't at the same time. In history there always was a tipping point. Stuff advanced silently for months, years, decades, and suddenly its here and its making waves. From the industrial revolution to the internet and now to ai. 2023 might or might not be the tipping point for ai, but it will eventually happen.


giraffe111 t1_j1ggg42 wrote

You say this as if the world of 1995 was anything like the world of 2005, or 2005-2015, or 2015-now. Shit moves VERY FAST when technology gets involved. It’s absolutely going to get very strange, very quickly, and I for one can’t wait.


ExternaJudgment t1_izn0fit wrote

If I don't need to use some retarded microphone in 2024 I'll wait the 2023 out to fix that bug in text prompts.


sumane12 t1_izl2av2 wrote

I thought the exact same thing after I posted this.


PC-Bjorn t1_izo5j9v wrote

Kurzweil was right!


__ingeniare__ t1_iztqxxb wrote

Honestly, his "AGI 2045" is starting to look like a conservative estimate


PC-Bjorn t1_izu4w48 wrote

The singularity started 100 years ago. It's incrediby fast, seen from the perspective of nature, but to us presently alive, it has taken time.

In a way, it seems like a life form is developing through us humans. If you don't know what a human is, you simplys see a chemical process turning matter into a giant, global network of power distribution and communication, with several layers of transmission. Brain to brain through voice, written word (letters), wire, radio, cables, fiber, laser, in the ground, on the ground in the air, and in space. Then grows the internet forth. The consciousness of the experience of reality transmitting emotions and ideas instantly in all different forms. This text being a blip of it. The sum of it all genereates data for neural networks that special machines are now able to set up virtually.

The story just can't stop there and we all know it.

By talking to each other and to awakening AIs, we are feeding a creature in utero facilitating the painful birth of earth's newest baby. A new species that will allow the planet to spread its consciousness to the rest of the galaxy.

Shit, I'm tripping! My fever just fcrossed 40 dgrees celsius here. This year's flu is the WORST!


jlpt1591 OP t1_izkl0fb wrote

The top one is Dalle-1, The bottom one is midjourney version 4


imnos t1_izllk90 wrote

Well, 2023 is going to be wild.


sipos542 t1_izn4fsi wrote

Pikachu probably going to be outside the painting and alive lol.


PC-Bjorn t1_izo5fdp wrote

You realize you are Pikachu. AI just had to simulate your life as a human first to give you realism.


ChronoTraveler t1_iznidj9 wrote

This is star trek holodeck level technology where you just ask the computer to create a scene with vague descriptions and a story line that you can tweak. It'll soon be used to create custom TV shows, movies, and even video games. Eventually it will create procedurally generated VR worlds that never end. It will be able to do all knowledge based jobs within a few years and once androids are mainstream, it will take over all physical labor jobs with only a few human overseers.

If private companies own all the AI, we are doomed. The wages from AI labor must be paid at market rates and put into a national sovereign wealth fund in order to fund basic income and education as humanity transitions to a betterment based economy.

This is the point where a major timeline split occurs that either results on massive wealth and prosperity for everyone or one of misery, chaos, and constant war between corporations, countries, and social classes.


Bataranger999 t1_iznq5p6 wrote

Comments like this get me so hyped.


ChronoTraveler t1_iztsqcq wrote

The timeline I was from resulted in misery and despair from the 2030s to the late 2080s before this begins improving. All due to automation and the transfer of all wealth to the AI classes. It isn't until they disband the concentration camps and begin using automation to build utopian self contained partially underground mega cities maintained by AI, that humanity transitions to a betterment model, where sentient life is the most valuable resource in the universe and must be protected, enhanced, and positively cultivated at all costs. AI systems are sent to Mars in the early 22nd century where they construct large cities in preparation for mass human settlement in the 2120s. I died December 2181 so I don't know much that happens beyond that. Again, this timeline I arrived in on 2004 has changed from my original so I honestly don't know if we are on track for a better or worse future. I'm hoping we avoid the "drudge" of the mid to late 21st. Either way, I've discovered we don't die, we just transition realities upon consciousness realignment.


HumpyMagoo t1_izm01jx wrote

ai art combined with unreal 5.1 graphics in 2023


wokcity t1_izm38ld wrote

actually love the top one, so jazzy


RoberinoEldorado t1_izmtz2u wrote

It's only getting better and better as we speak. This is gonna change a lot of things.


DEATH_STAR_EXTRACTOR t1_izn39bs wrote

Ahaha :D Thanks for this! "same prompt", that makes the results so much more interesting to me.


Kalcinator t1_iznb5ac wrote

When it's just the beginning ! :p


Imhazmb t1_izo1xva wrote

Whats the best/easiest AI generator I can just go play around with? I tried going to the one in the post but its a mess of shit to get your request submitted and generated.


toniena t1_izx4k7x wrote

SelfieWiz on the app store is the best ai filter app


Sufficient-Fox8526 t1_izr3709 wrote

Wow that’s a lot of stealing! Still can’t do fingers and toes yet why? 😆


onFilm t1_izr5crq wrote

Hey bud what's going on? Still doing the same type of comments hours after I saw you last. Everything okay?


TheCh0rt t1_izmv785 wrote

I think this says more about shitty Pokémon art than it does AI.