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__ingeniare__ t1_iztqxxb wrote

Reply to comment by PC-Bjorn in Progress of AI art. by jlpt1591

Honestly, his "AGI 2045" is starting to look like a conservative estimate


PC-Bjorn t1_izu4w48 wrote

The singularity started 100 years ago. It's incrediby fast, seen from the perspective of nature, but to us presently alive, it has taken time.

In a way, it seems like a life form is developing through us humans. If you don't know what a human is, you simplys see a chemical process turning matter into a giant, global network of power distribution and communication, with several layers of transmission. Brain to brain through voice, written word (letters), wire, radio, cables, fiber, laser, in the ground, on the ground in the air, and in space. Then grows the internet forth. The consciousness of the experience of reality transmitting emotions and ideas instantly in all different forms. This text being a blip of it. The sum of it all genereates data for neural networks that special machines are now able to set up virtually.

The story just can't stop there and we all know it.

By talking to each other and to awakening AIs, we are feeding a creature in utero facilitating the painful birth of earth's newest baby. A new species that will allow the planet to spread its consciousness to the rest of the galaxy.

Shit, I'm tripping! My fever just fcrossed 40 dgrees celsius here. This year's flu is the WORST!