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First of all, sorry if I come off so matter-of-fact. And sorry if this feels like a crack-pot, wannabe prophet post that can be common around here. I realize my title sounds like click-bait, but I seriously feel strongly about this, and I assure you the full read is worth considering. Long post incoming.

2023 will almost certainly be the year we see the beginning of truly Transformative AI. I say that, because well, I'm rounding up, it's already here at the end of 2022. However, it's not quite up to the task yet, we need the next generation of LLM to drop before us commoners will be able to take full advantage. Start using chatGPT if you haven't already. Give characterAI some focus of your time. If you have played around with them, keep going back. Start trying to incorporate it into things you do in your day to day. It won't be able to complete every task you ask of it, but you need to learn this now.


A lot of us remember learning how to properly construct a Google search. Using quotation marks, adding 'site:' followed by the exact page you want results for, setting the time frame for specific results or to push past SEO and get the most recent results for your research. Things like that put you leaps ahead of most people using a search engine. The skill gap of the internet is actually quite vast today. Insiders and experts have been regurgitating this "AI will change the way we access the internet" line in several talks and videos now. What does that mean though?

In the beginning I imagine it will be simply typing a question to an AI and it outputting the best and most concise answer for you, kind of like talking to chatGPT right now. As anyone that's used these AI so far knows, prompting is important. Same deal with getting images made from Text to Image models, it's almost like an artform itself, getting the prompts perfect.

This won't last long though, prompting "exactly" will go away, and that vast skill gap of using the internet will become much narrower. There will most likely be a time frame in the next year or 2 of an absolute gold rush in using AI when prompting starts to become simpler and less precise. I'm not necessarily talking about creating and training an AI yourself, though if that's something you think you can do then more power to you. I'm talking about those of us that are average people, that want to get ahead in life before the inevitable AI automation revolution.

Say you have a hobby, let's say something like wood working. You make wooden spoons. You might only make them for fun, but it would be cool to sell them online. How much would someone pay for it? How much do you need to make per spoon so it's worth your efforts? Do you have a bunch of wooden spoons already lying around? There will be a short period of time to corner the online wooden spoon market with AI. Sure, other wooden spoon makers will come along after, but wouldn't you rather be one of the first?

How will AI help? You ask it how to cut and finish a luxury yet affordable wooden spoon, you ask it how much to sell it for to make a profit and how much people will likely pay for it, you take photos of it. You send the photos to the AI, it recreates the photos to look professional and it builds a website for you, then you're selling within an hour. You ask it how to market your spoons. You ask it to write your business statement.


Now of course that's just an example, and it could go many different ways in the near future. However the point is keep your eyes open, and your ear to the ground. Get on board early, hit the market fast with your own innovations. Perhaps you will be able to make a 2023 version of a stupid game like flappy bird and make some serious money. Maybe you'll get a promotion at the tech company you work for and work directly with the State of the Art, and be an irreplaceable asset for years to come. Who knows, you could create a new social media company that takes off because it's what the world has been yearning for. Or, maybe you'll just get an investment in early and pad your savings account. All of these may be plausible or maybe they're way off base. But the writing is on the wall, this kind of opportunity is just out of reach today, and 2023 it will probably start to become a reality.


Have you been worried about being replaced by automation, and can't for the life of you think of something better to focus you energy on to future proof your livelihood? Of course keep thinking about that, keep studying or working or whatever you do to keep yourself financially and mentally stable. But I urge you to get as familiar as possible with using AI right now. Use it in your spare time, use it for everything you can even when you don't need to. It may seem easy to get the results you want, but try getting the exact results you want. Try getting the wrong results. Try getting results you never thought of. Try pretending it's 5 years in the future and life is just "this way" now and you use your "AI assistant" for everything.

Don't wind up being your grandparents that only use the internet for "The Facebook," you are already interested in this stuff being a part of this Subreddit, keep pushing to follow the news. If someone posts an AI paper and it makes no sense to you, research it. Figure out what it could mean for the future of AI. Stay vigilant, because a month of missed information could be everything.

None of us will be able to stay up to date with every single bit of news, information is already coming in too fast to read it all but it will keep accelerating. Familiarizing yourself with the technology now will be immensely easier than starting from scratch later, and it'll keep you ahead of the curve for as long as possible.

We can only speculate how long or even if AGI comes sooner or later or even at all. But what we do know now, is Transformative AI is here on our doorstep, and we need to prepare ourselves. The advantage to knowing what's coming isn't to gloat and have the opportunity to say "I told you so" to the people in our lives that were oblivious and caught off guard. The real advantage is right in front of our faces: It's to use it and practice with it, to be inspired now by it so we can hit the ground running.


TLDR: If you're unsure what the future holds with employment and automation, you're probably a little anxious trying to come up with what you can do to prevent being obsolete. While I'm not a prophet and I have no idea what the future for myself or anyone else holds, I can say without a doubt: Learn how to use AI. RIGHT NOW! It will be important, you will be thankful you did. You might think you already have, and it's not that difficult. You're wrong, there's things it can do today that will still surprise you. In 2 weeks, or a month, or 2 months it will continue to surprise you. Soon the limits to its capabilities will only be your own imagination. Even if it just means you become a more productive and learned individual, you at least won't be left behind and angry in the dust. Stay on the progressive side of tech, it isn't going to stop before it comes for your job.



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illseeuanon_ t1_izyrb8a wrote

God I wish I could take this advice. I already knew everything here.

I have severe ADHD and can't get myself to take advantage of this opportunity. Causes me so much anxiety knowing all this is just passing me by.


AvgAIbot t1_izz3eka wrote

As someone with moderate ADHD, ChatGPT has been fucking awesome for my side hustle.

Task initiation is what I struggle with most.

With ChatGPT, you can make it do the boring part for you. Then just manually edit or prompt again to edit.

Highly recommend you start playing with ChatGPT


stupsnon t1_izze2r9 wrote

Adderall plus chatGPT - godly.


AvgAIbot t1_izzj2os wrote

God mode unleashed. It’s also fun with cannabinoids, I prefer HHC. A more relaxed focus and good for creativity


iateadonut t1_izzr7s1 wrote

i was gonna say: take your PEDs and do it! i get modafinil.


JohnnySasaki20 t1_j005kfg wrote

What are you using it for?


AvgAIbot t1_j00gf7h wrote

Product descriptions, sales page copy, headlines, tik tok scripts, articles, about us page


gambinesh t1_izzh9n9 wrote

Nah bro - just make it your next hyperfocus. Don't put an objective on it. Just go play with it. Shit is funny as hell. Don't put to much pressure on it. Just tinker for fun.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzm6go wrote

>Don't put to much pressure on it. Just tinker for fun.

That's good advice. Just use it and see what you can discover.


Tip_Odde t1_izz4ftb wrote

What opportunity? Capitalism is a lie, any idea you have will be pushed off the internet or purchased by big tech. Seek success in your community instead of financially and you'll function better (Obviously it wont cure your adhd)


HalfRiceNCracker t1_izzfebl wrote

I have ADHD and I study Deep Learning. If you're anything like me then you're looking at the big picture too much and you need to think of a place to start. What kind of stuff would you want to use these models for?


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izyyq2q wrote

Just use it whenever you think about it. If you can get through one prompt a day or something, it will be helpful?


BitsyTipsy t1_izzzsgv wrote

You’re literally typing onto Reddit. Instead type onto ChatGPT.


Captain_Pumpkinhead t1_j00ylbw wrote

Integrate it into projects. Programmer? Ask ChatGPT for tips and code examples. Got a cool idea for a children's book? Use Stable Diffusion to make the illustrations. Find one of your hyperfocal points, and see what applications are relevant to it.


ChronoPsyche t1_j0113hw wrote

I have ADHD too bro, just dive in. You'd be surprised how much ChatGPT really reduces that "task-initiation barrier" if used correctly.

What are your interests that you want to get a head start on? Maybe I can help give you some ideas of how to utilize ChatGPT to help.


point_breeze69 t1_j00szbs wrote

I have adhd too. I also had that same mindset as you. Stop talking that way and thinking that way. Believe in yourself and talk about yourself in a positive light, think about yourself in a positive light and soon enough you’ll start acting in that positive way you keep reiterating to yourself.


SwordsAndWords t1_j00um4d wrote

I started using Pixai and now I can't stop. I started putting my own art on Pixiv and everything. I never in a million years thought this is what I would be doing for fun, but I am and it's awesome. Writing too, never thought I'd be doing that either, and I haven't even tried to utilize AI for writing yet. Pretty excited to see what happens.


Tip_Odde t1_j020zcj wrote

Just wanted to clear up: I dont mean to attack you, I just used to feel the exact same way (about cutting edge tech 15 years ago, not AI specifically) and I am in no way telling you to give up interest in this stuff or pursuing a field as a career. Just saying that you can, if you want, realign your priorities so that you dont have to feel that anxiety as intensely - or at all. Thats of course very difficult to do without professional help (i.e therapy) but you can find ways to do it through support groups or selfguided research. Focus more on enriching your community and building bonds there (this can be an entirely digital community if need be), and that doesn't mean you have to be a social butterfly, and you will live a happier and healthier life.


Ashamed-Asparagus-93 t1_j04jzho wrote

I also have ADHD. Just relax and enjoy the ride. The main priority is to stay alive. A time will come when these worries of currency will pass and we can finally focus on what we're destined for

You me and everyone else here knows once AGI surpasses human intellect we will no longer have to squabble like rats over tiny pieces of cheese

We haven't entered the mind blowing era yet but it's coming


AvgAIbot t1_izz4ig9 wrote

Well said. My intention is to make as much fucking money as I can within the next few years. Because I’m fairly certain the opportunities will be almost zero in 5+ years. People like to preach AI utopia with UBI, etc. But knowing how corrupt big business and governments are, they will most likely just continue growing wealth and all the little rats will continue to decline in whatever wealth they did have, which for most people is close to zero.

Try to make money now, then invest into tangible assets like duplexes, land, apartments, etc. That’s the only way I can think of to actually be “free” in 5+ years from now.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izz5mqa wrote

I hope for a world opposite of that, but yeah this post is about preparation for the time period before that could ever happen, ie. now.


AvgAIbot t1_izz5w5n wrote

Me too. You’re right though, learning and utilizing these AI tools should be a top priority for anyone. Especially for computer based jobs.


CapitalDream t1_j0083v2 wrote

I don't think opportunities will dry up but there will be a rush to deploy these things in enterprise settings in limited manners. Most companies data is scattered, dirty, and opaque. It won't be straightforward to train them

I think that the first jobs to get destroyed will be call centers, or concierge's that reroute requests to skilled, unreplacable workers

2023: ChatGBT for "who do I go to to get my analysis environment set up?"

2027: ChatGBT for "can you set my analysis environment up?"

2030: ChatGBT: "Can you do my analysis for me?"


ChronoPsyche t1_j0121wx wrote

Ding ding ding. This is the type of sentiment this sub is missing so often. The key to being on the best footing possible to take advantage of the coming AI revolution is to make as much money as possible while we still can. There's no guarantee things like AGI will be available to plebians in the future. And I'm saying that as a plebian.


PrivateLudo t1_j00lzwi wrote

Im 23, young and have barely no money. It feels hopeless tbh


darksword2020 t1_j04x34d wrote

Don't feel hopeless. Ur going to live through a crazy yet wonder age of new technology. The entertainment sector changes alone is going to be worth it alone.

I think youll find that material things will become less valuable as AGI figures out how to make things ultra cheap.

However creative works (not just art) will become tangible valuable things. Your social circle and ur personal interactions (both online and digital) will have value.

My hope is that this will push people to be better themselves and have better interactions between ourselves. Thus creating a better society as a whole.

So start getting creative and learning to have real interactions. Learn how to think about things. Learn how to voice ur opinion. Learn what u love in life that is not digital. This maybe the currwncy of the future. Might take a few decades though...buckle up.

But Im an optimist...cause life feels better living that way.


throwaway764586893 t1_j0azlt8 wrote

Hopeless is a very bad feeling for an individual to have. Realize the world is deliberately evil by design right now, and feel rage instead.


AGI_69 t1_izz7tyn wrote

>I think this post will be monumentally important for some of you to read. Put it in your brain, think about it

The most obnoxious, grandiose title, I've ever seen here. Even for /r/singularity

>sorry if this feels like a crack-pot, wannabe prophet post that can be common around here.

Well, at least you are somewhat self-aware.


__Maximum__ t1_j013myn wrote

>Even for /r/singularity

You savage!

Seriously though, I posted two polls to understand from what background users of this sub come from, and both got removed. But this post is completely fine.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j019cd5 wrote

That has happened to me a few times, I messaged the mods, they said my posts were rightfully removed, but then none of my posts since have gotten removed. So I don't know.


ChronoPsyche t1_j011s7v wrote

I appreciated the post. Of course, I've already been thinking along these lines, but at least this post is rather practical and about helping each other out rather than the typical "omg AI is gonna bring us utopia tomorrow are you guys ready to be gods" nonsense we see here.


zkgkilla t1_j019it9 wrote

Wow such a useless comment. OP is atleast providing some value here inspiring me to get off my ass and use the tools more. Your comment is just useless get lost


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izza66y wrote

Hey look, someone read a title to a post and then a couple lines, formed an opinion on it and attacked the op.

It's not excessive, and it will be important for some people to read that need a push. AI isn't going anywhere and encouraging people betterment for themselves is not obnoxious.


AGI_69 t1_izzhxcv wrote

Everyone thinks, his/her post is important. You really do not need to sound like a crack-pot, wannabe prophet (your words).

I scanned the post and there is nothing new. Just points, that are reiterated here million times. Just reduce the grandiosity and self-importance by like 90%.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzkytz wrote

>Just points, that are reiterated here million times

Like what? What has been reiterated here a million times? I've not seen much if any mention in posts or comments recommending people to use AI now in preparation for staying on top of it in the future. You "scanned" the post but you didn't read it. I don't really care if you did, but your argument is nonsense.

>Just reduce the grandiosity and self-importance by like 90%.

Yeah? Ok, sorry boss?

I don't think my post is important. I think the message in it is. I browse the sub and I've seen a lot of people worrying about automation and employment in the future. Do you maybe think some of these people don't see themselves as superior as yourself?

Some people are lost, some are anxious, it's a post to help some people focus on self improvement and prepare for the future. There's students making the leap into post-secondary education and they think they're going to be phased out of the market before they even get the chance to participate. There's people from impoverished backgrounds trying to make a career change and afraid they're going to waste their time learning something that will be obsolete in a year. There's people with disabilities that can't imagine being able to compete against AI and haven't thought of honing their skills by utilizing it now while it's still new.

And accept nuance next time, I said I don't mean to sound like a crack-pot prophet. As in, I know initially it sounds like it with a title like that but I'm stressing how important it is for people to stay up-to-date with AI.


AGI_69 t1_izzp5y2 wrote

Let people be the judge of what is "monumentally important" or what should they get "in their brain". Write your post, without all that grandiosity and self-importance. I've read posts, that were 1000x times more interesting/novel/profound and none of them started with, how "monumentally important" the post is going to be.


I_Will_Not_Juggle t1_j01mghs wrote

It's sales dude. Your interesting, novel, profound, humble post doesn't do anything for anyone if it gets buried in new. Gotta get people to read the post.

Assume you have an idea you think is valuable for people on the sub to be aware of. Of course you title and write it in a grandiose way. It's all about presentation.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01t9q2 wrote

People won't see this but it's correct. While I didn't go as far as saying my post is the most important thing in this sub or anything dumb, you have to make it enticing to read otherwise it's a wasted effort typing any post if it just gets buried.


I_Will_Not_Juggle t1_j01tp10 wrote

I know what you're saying man. People act like this is you in conversation. It's because they're used to reddit being a very casual informal place. Reddit posts aren't especially high stakes, but that doesn't mean you can't get your point across in a rhetorically compelling way


zkgkilla t1_j019nn3 wrote

The amount of jealousy going on here is insane. How do you have so much time to waste? Go get a job bro


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzrezu wrote

>Let people be the judge of what is "monumentally important" or what should they get "in their brain".

Read the title again? I said I THINK that SOME people might find it important.

There's always a percentage of people that hate being told what to think, which fair enough, but nobody is telling you what to think so relax. It's a reddit post.

Just downvote and move on. Like these comments, my replies will be subjected to the people that can't make the post score plummet so they attack the comments. It's whatever.


mia_farrah t1_izzvfe7 wrote

Downvote and move on? You do have an entitlement issue buddy. I’m grateful to u/AGI_69 for typing out what I was too lazy to, and call you out on your grandiose nothingburger.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzwlhb wrote

Why does telling them to down vote me and move on imply I have an entitlement issue?

The issue here is some people, typically the exact type that say the term nothingburger, get obsessed with being "told what to think" when there's a button that states you disagree and you're free to click it.

There's no need to personally attack people over a reddit post about the future of AI that clearly some people enjoyed.


zkgkilla t1_j019khz wrote

I for one needed this post as the final push to get me off my ass and start working with these tools srsly. These guys are haters for no reason


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01ajp7 wrote


Nothing new, there's some people that follow this sub just to comment stuff like this. They're comment history often has aggressiveness and a bully mentality.


zkgkilla t1_j01apx6 wrote

Same type of people who are gonna keep denying automation until they lose their own job


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01bt80 wrote

Yup. It's usually programmers and web developers. I have nothing against those careers, but they seem to be the most vocal in a lot of futurism/AI discussions. Meanwhile they will be first in line to go, and physical labour will probably be one of the last sectors remaining.

Most programmers are aware that the barrier to entry for programming is going to plummet soon, but some people think their career and skillset is more essential and important than everyone else's. I didn't check, but I would bet at least one of the negative comments here are from a developer. It's the same as in person, like 1 in 10 of them have a superiority complex that's absolutely toxic for everyone else.


zkgkilla t1_j01bxjt wrote

Yeah lol I work as a devops engineer intern and when I showed my team the tools that they can use to streamline stuff and basically automate all their daily tasks they didn’t even bother to listen and laughed it off saying it’s never as good as the human. Well hope they’re still laughing cuz I’m on Reddit while they’re coding away cuz I’ve already finished my tasks


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01crof wrote

Haha that's a perfect real-time example of the clueless nature of some people. Which, to each their own I guess.


DungeonsAndDradis t1_izz15wh wrote

I'm at the point where I know what I want to do for work, but I don't know enough about the problem to ask AI how it can help. For example, I want to learn more about programming (I'm at a software company, but not a software developer).

I have a goal in mind. But when I typed that goal in to ChatGPT, it basically spit out the code version of nonsense.

I need to take like 15 steps back and start much more broadly with my problem, before diving in to the actual thing I need to solve. Read up on some specific APIs and use cases. Things like that.

I'll see if ChatGPT can talk me through using APIs in the way I'm envisioning.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izz1ox8 wrote

That's a really good use case to try and practice with it now. It might not be able to really help, or maybe it will give some useful insight I don't know. It's a good idea to try and use some workarounds now to see what answers you can get, and in the future those same strategies might prove useful when prompting a much more advanced model. It's all about hands-on time right now, and trying to learn what capabilities you can harness with the current model's architecture.


DungeonsAndDradis t1_izzb5j5 wrote

I just had it show me how to make an API call in JavaScript, so I'm already on the way!


urinal_deuce t1_j01b7tj wrote

Yikes, I just crashed chatGPT by asking about finding values in JSON with sql.


matt_flux t1_j01sw34 wrote

This information is available on hundreds of websites so I fail to see the benefit. Can ChatGPT generate code that can’t be found through a properly indexed search engine?


Working_Berry9307 t1_j024mb1 wrote

Chatgpt, no.

Alphacode that Google just announced a few days ago, yes. Designed for this purpose. I'm in structural biology, and their equivalent for that, Alphafold, has seen universal adoption in labs of my kind over this past year. It's almost always right.


Acidic-Soil t1_izyy7h7 wrote

I think most of these tools will be easy to use, the easier to use it is, the more marketable it is. Facebook is not hard to use for most people, even our granny started using it, it is the mentality of not wanting to use it, the idea of "the good old days" being better.

If what you describe is true, the only way to stay relevant is to learn how to build these tools. Unfortunately the most advanced modern AI are almost exclusively based on large datasets that only certain privileged people and big organisations with great data harvesting potential have access to, so most people won't get the chance to build these AIs, even if they have the skills to (very bold assumption).


mootcat t1_izz47sl wrote

Indeed. Sam Altman (Open AI CEO) had spoken on these exact topics multiple times.

He doesn't think prompt engineering will really be a job/skillset in the future as models get better at predicting what we want. Perhaps eloquence and an ability to accurately convey what one wants will be more important, and even that less so with eventual neural integration.

Edit: I forgot to add that he HAS spoken on how he expects custom training specific models off of bigger ones is likely to be a very fruitful industry. Given how prohibitively expensive creating LLMs from scratch are, it's probably our best bet at being involved.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izz7ujr wrote

>He doesn't think prompt engineering will really be a job/skillset in the future

I agree with this too. But I'm not talking about 5 years from now, I'm talking about next year and the year after. The opportunities are coming now. I stated it in the post too, prompting will likely be a thing of the past before it ever really becomes a thing in the first place. I don't suggest "learning prompting" exactly, I suggest learning what AI can do for you now, and thinking about what it can do in the short term before it's totally ubiquitous. Before there's no new land to discover.

When I talk to people about how incredible smartphones and the internet are to people, all they every think about is a camera, social media, and a calculator. They simply skim over the fact you have access to most human knowledge in your pocket at all times. We still have that persistent "don't pull your phone out when talking to someone" mentality that comes across as rude or ignorant. We can literally look up any word someone uses, any reference to a a historical event, a song we want to remember, a formula, etc. We can use our phones to multiply our intelligence, yet so many times you can be talking with someone and they have zero inclination about a certain problem or task they come across when the answer is probably on the internet. We still have the problem of people believing information without fact checking it, and they assume social media is factual.

While all that stuff can currently be learned, it is important to learn how to use AI now while it's still ground zero for takeoff. AI will not magically make everyone accustomed to it, you will have to still make an effort to learn it to maximize its potential. The type that refuse to fact check will continue to do so and slip further away from being able to climb out of an echo chamber.


spacedrace t1_izzh2w3 wrote

Looking at your phone while talking to someone is rude. Don't zoom so far out you forget your manners sir or madam. :).


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzhpt2 wrote

Well yes, but it depends on the situation. Dinner with a spouse, yes rude and probably unnecessary. While following a recipe and talking to your spouse during dinner preparation, it's an extension of your mind and capability.

There's probably better examples.


spacedrace t1_izzivnu wrote

Ignore me, I'm giving you a hard time, I'm getting old, good advice overall. I hadn't heard of characterai I'm going to check that out.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izz00rm wrote

They are easy to use on the surface, but using them currently for things you didn't think were possible is more difficult. Just the habit of always using them. The more you know about using them now, the more it will help in the future. It's like any skill, the more you use it the better you will get and there's no real substitute for that. Facebook is the same way, people use it differently, though it has its limitations because it's not exactly open-ended software, some people are inherently more practiced with it. Grandparents post on their grand kids wall or in random comments to ask things that should've been a private message, for example.

The window will probably be short until it is much easier to prompt and get what you want. But more importantly is learning what you can do with them before everyone else catches on or before you fall behind. There's a whole foundation of knowledge to learn about using AI and probably in the near future there will be more and more emergent abilities of AI that can be harnessed by those that keep up with it. Writing software with it might be possible very soon, and previously you needed a wealth of knowledge to do that. When everyone can do it, the head start will diminish. So you'd rather already be ahead and on to the next emerging thing, instead of learning from the beginning.

edit: had to fix some text


Acidic-Soil t1_izz2ufc wrote

There is marginal returns in training the ability to use a specific tool. If you have as technologically illiterate as my granny, yes, learning how to use the internet and send a private message would make a huge difference to your life, but given that the majority population, at least in places where internet access is universal, already have a lot of experience using various internet tools, whether it is web pages, mobile apps or games, and the interface of these AI tools, at least in the current world, are not that different from another app or another website. Spending more time on FB at this point is unlikely to bring you any advantage, unless you are a business owner trying to use FB to market your product, but then, you are learning digital marketing, not using FB. Your skills of making good videos and graphics on your FB page will transcend through platforms. Even if people decide to stop using FB and use Tiktok only, the skills you gain from making those videos are transferable.

The problem with using AI tools is that, there is no universal skill of making them doing what you want. If you master the art of making chatbot A respond to what you want, it is very unlikely that chatbot B will do the same when you apply the same techniques. It is because different AI tools might have very different underlying architectures and trained on different datasets, but you don't have access to these information, so you will never know when to apply pre-existing assumptions about AI tools.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izz4mry wrote

>Spending more time on FB at this point is unlikely to bring you any advantage, unless you are a business owner trying to use FB to market your product, but then, you are learning digital marketing, not using FB.

You could argue the majority of the population has no sense of privacy settings, or general thoughtfulness toward privacy of themselves or family/friends. While using FB in general is not private toward the corporation or 3rd parties sharing your information (another lesson), there is an important lesson in sharing personal details, opening spam links, etc. You can say that transcends using FB and applies to many applications and I'd agree. As I would say that also applies the same with AI. Plenty of things will transcend between different AI, they already do.

>It is because different AI tools might have very different underlying architectures and trained on different datasets, but you don't have access to these information, so you will never know when to apply pre-existing assumptions about AI tools.

See I disagree. We may not have access to the structural processes behind the AI, but like FB (maybe Instagram or Youttube are better examples) people constantly learn to "game" the new algorithms. People learn new settings, people learn new strategies. It may seem so simply to us now, pulling up Google and searching something, but in 1999 we had to learn it. We will have to relearn how to use the internet alongside AI. Plenty of people will fall behind and just skim the surface of what's possible. Underestimating the potential "muscle memory" of practicing with AI is the entire point of my post.

Even using AI now, the learning curve is quite steep if you start adjusting them with the parameters we're given access to. For example, we have sliders in TTI models. There's plenty to learn, and plenty to watch for in the pipeline for the future. I think dismissing it will be a disadvantage for anyone that is currently still on top of everything to date.


AndromedaAnimated t1_izz3gm9 wrote

I really appreciate this post! Even though I think differently as I am against scarcity-based world perception and wouldn’t be happy with such a competitive approach to AI use. But I think that conversation with AI is a good way to learn more about new things.

[And no, I don’t hope that AI will help overcome scarcity. I think we create most of scarcity ourselves as humanity and that we have a reason for that (our assholery, living on since near-chimp times and leading to us starting to throw rocks and turds at each other).]


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izz542r wrote

Oh, I absolutely don't want to live in a world of have's and have not's. I imagine that won't be the case sometime in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later. But there will inevitably be a transition period, and until the day I don't have to worry about my electricity bill, I would rather be able to pay it without feeling sick to my stomach.

I really hope we go through the transition to automation quickly with a temporary UBI implemented until we see how autonomous our society really becomes.


Silly_Objective_5186 t1_izzg45x wrote

i like your advice for people to learn how to use the technology. whenever i see stuff like, “2023 will almost certainly be the year we see the beginning of truly Transformative AI.” i think of the “this will finally be the year of linux on the desktop” predictions. it was always good advice to learn linux, and it was never the year.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzgxu4 wrote

Haha. Well I'd compare saying that to telling people to learn linux before linux was created. We now have plenty of offerings available for free and easily accessible for AI.

It's actually so fascinating, we are alive in the moments when true AI is able to be used, and freely. Such an opportunity and so many are sleeping on it with the mindset of "something new will come along soon" or "it's a fad" but the reality is AI is our future, and I don't think there's a single credible argument to be made against it.


Practical-Mix-4332 t1_izyzjmc wrote

I would love to incorporate this into a new business and get rich but I just have no ideas


keziahw t1_izz1yva wrote

A language model like ChatGPT is a great brainstorming tool because it can generate ideas and suggestions based on the input you provide. It's particularly useful when you're stuck and can't come up with any ideas on your own. Because ChatGPT is trained on a large corpus of text, it has a vast amount of knowledge and can offer unique perspectives and insights. Additionally, because it's a machine learning model, it can continue to generate ideas and suggestions based on the conversation, allowing you to explore multiple angles and ideas in a short amount of time. Overall, using a language model like ChatGPT can help jumpstart your brainstorming and inspire you to come up with creative ideas.


AvgAIbot t1_izz412b wrote

Well right now with ChatGPT, the most obvious answer is to either build a blog and generate articles in a few clicks. Just make a blog on whatever topic you’re interested in.

Or have ChatGPT make video scripts. Plug the scripts into a text to video AI like Pictory. Upload the videos to tik tok, YouTube, etc.

Producing content, posting content, and growing your social media account is probably the best option for most people as a side hustle.

Once you have a good following, then you can start promoting a product/service or get paid by companies for a sponsored post.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izz0b6x wrote

We won't know until we can do it. I'm sure there's some very forward thinkers already using AI to do this, but as long as you study it and use it a lot now you'll be ahead of those that don't. When the opportunity comes, you will be poised to take advantage of it.


Professional-Yak-477 t1_izzv82y wrote

I'm thinking along the lines of investment - what can I invest in at this time that will ride the wave of AI?


ChronoPsyche t1_j011em4 wrote

Any big company that will be able to use AI to their advantage rather than be disrupted by it. Nvidia is a big one. Microsoft (they are partnered with OpenAI and have exclusive source code access). IBM. Apple. Adobe. All good bets.

Google is probably a good bet as they are leading progress in AI, although I haven't yet seen good evidence of how they will use AI to help them from a business standpoint, as they haven't released any products that are utilizing state of the art LLMs yet and their main product is at a serious risk of imminent disruption. I still wouldn't count them out though, as I'm sure they have something up their sleeve.

And of course this is not financial advice, just information.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzwosq wrote

Wish I had an answer for you there, and myself.


Professional-Yak-477 t1_j0087tn wrote

It's all happening really quick, so I haven't begun my research yet! But I think it's a good time to start.


visarga t1_izzb3zf wrote

Actually your long post is great for prompting chatGPT to write an article. I got one in business style and one like a "self help" guide.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzbqo5 wrote

Oh? Care to explain what you mean a little better?


Mysterious_Ayytee t1_izzvwnd wrote

He wants to prompt your post to turn it into a manual.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzwtn0 wrote

That'd be interesting. I haven't tried just throwing reddit discussions in there yet.


Mysterious_Ayytee t1_j0045oz wrote

I have generated answers to posts in Ancient Aliens style 😂 that was so awesome. AI offers a whole new era of internet trolling👍


petermobeter t1_izzkizn wrote

i dont really feel the need to get rich? im living on somethin similar to disability welfare (i have 3 neurological disorders) and im doin okay.

but i suppose i should still use chatgpt more? i havent tried character ai yet.

so far ive mostly only gotten chatgpt to tell me stories about topics i like. i ask it stuff like “tell me a story about a trans woman who turns into a cat” and it tells me a nice story.


mnamilt t1_j01jv32 wrote

I dont like the hustle-get-rich culture either. Luckily, chatgpt is also great for chill at home things. I use it for cooking recipes. I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to make, often from a recipe from the internet somewhere. Then I ask chatgpt also for that recipe, and see where they differ. It has given me good inspiration to add some extra veggies or spices to dishes. Its a very simple but effective use case.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izzloi9 wrote

Yeah riches aren't so much the point, more so financial adequacy until hopefully someday we figure out the economy with automation.

Stories are a good way to use it. Try having it edit the story by changing certain details. You can see what else it can do besides stories too; advice, problems, lyrics/poems, etc.


gangstasadvocate t1_izzyrca wrote

Lol what a coincidence I told it to make me a Shopify website for selling spoons The other day. It said it couldn’t but just didn’t prompt it properly


HydrousIt t1_izzkkti wrote

Thankfully I already use AI for hours everyday. In chat GPT,, Stable Diffusion and even chess (Maia)


Sad-Plan-7458 t1_j0000vn wrote

You know, it’s a bit repetitive… which any imprint should be. This is solid/simple advice, thanks for taking the time to write it. I have been curious about chatgpt


ScottPrombo t1_j00iamg wrote

So I get the gist of what you're saying, but always feel like I'm missing out somewhere even if I am staying informed. I'm aware of models that I can use, like Dall E mini and ChatGPT, but is there some sort of resource that has like a list of available AI models/tools/applications that I can use?


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01bz0g wrote

I saw a website that has a whole huge list of them, I'll see if I can find it when I'm back at my computer later today.


ScottPrombo t1_j02ie8l wrote

That would be super!


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j02ky90 wrote

Found it. It's a good resource I think, someone had posted it on reddit but I don't remember where that thread is. I had to search my browser history for the link.


ScottPrombo t1_j02mp4c wrote

Awesome, thank you so much! :) I'll check it out.


ChampagneJordan23 t1_j00svcp wrote

Yes sir, in 2024 we gonna see AI makings thinks for politicians also


AngryGary t1_j014q1i wrote

Eee, you miss a point.Capitalism will vanish also because everyone will have the same value service no matter what unique skill you think you have.So getting ahead refering to what? I think will be a paradigm shift of some sort but not in a capitalist way.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j018x9o wrote

This is assuming the likelihood of there being a transition period. I agree capitalism can't last forever, at least not how we see it today.


stupefyme t1_j016v2q wrote

Elaborate "learn to use AI now"


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j0193u8 wrote

Hands-on time with AI. I think just getting used to using it is a good start right now. Figuring out what it can be useful for. Like how the internet is more than just social media, yet the majority of the population uses it only for that.


BPDed t1_j01bf7h wrote

Would you mind explaining this me at my level (zero understanding)? I follow this subreddit because I’m interested in a totally ignorant way. Maybe you can direct me to something like The Singularity for Dummies?


darksword2020 t1_j04vfgr wrote

Put simply, you will not be able to tell the difference between a bot and a person. This will start with online interactions at first (which we appear to be rapidly approaching) but will expand to face to face.

From there things get really wierd, because its living one human life every 5 to 10 seconds (virtually). TBH its prob more like 100 life times but I digress.

So in the time u took to order a hamburger it will have virtually lived 4 or 5 life times. And will prob be wondering why the hell its serving u a burger.

By the way, NO ONE has made ANY laws around what it can be used for or where its actions must stop.


thesamenameasyou t1_j05psah wrote

A main point of the post is that similar to the rise of software engineering, we’re experiencing the birth of a new wave of professions.

The same way we saw internet websites explode with some smart, adaptive, fast cash grabs like PayPal, who’s idea now is easy to see & which occupied a niche quickly, you too can find a niche and get embedded related experience early.

It’s a new wave of technology and you don’t want to miss out!

(But to be clear, on the professions, prompting is not a safe bet, things will evolve to a point where any information exchange will not require humans)


nillouise t1_j01ceia wrote

Or you can prepare to welcome the AI lord.

Actually, this post opinion only valid in a future that AI develope slowly. Like someone want to be an AI prompter, they may be successful, but also may lost their job in 3 month because AI get the prompt ability.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01cwsl wrote

I see how I may have not made it clear that learning prompting probably won't be the future. It's more learning what AI can do now, so you can have a head start on getting comfortable with what it can do later.

It's basically just a post saying go use AI, only I made it 1000x longer.


nillouise t1_j01eq70 wrote

I have said this strategy only vaild in a future that AI develope slowly, this is my main point.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01fjf1 wrote

Well define slowly? By quickly do you mean 2023 we will have AGI and capitalism will be gone? Because I have my doubts there. I think there will be a period time we adjust to Transformative AI over the next few years. And years is a long time for people to suffer unemployment.


darksword2020 t1_j04uned wrote

I agree, my best guess is we find out about an AGI in 2027, it will have existed in some research center for about 2 yrs prior to that.

There will prob only be a "few" (less than 10, prob 3)

But u seem more educated than me, whats ur best guess?


Black_RL t1_j01ocee wrote

UBI friend(s)


Echoeversky t1_izzj7de wrote

For spoons.. MidSpoony? :3 So.. what was the prompt to get this hrm?


yahajxjzjabaanska t1_j005i80 wrote

I smell monkey brain. Looks like wsb is in this sub


modestLife1 t1_j00htn1 wrote

i read your first paragraph and before i read the rest i have got to express that i need an additional pizza .


Alexanderthefail t1_j00r2kl wrote

Always work available with essential workers in retail.


BigChonksters t1_j012qc4 wrote

Way too optimistic gpt3 is still dumb as hell. Yall need to slow it down.


resdaz t1_j01eq6w wrote

Seems like a meaningless exercise to familiarize yourself with this. We are already left in the dust lol. If you think there is a "skill" in typing in a fucking prompt you are frankly silly.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01fcef wrote

To be clear, I don't think prompting will be important in the future, even near term future. It's familiarizing yourself and getting used to using AI to gather answers. Like how some people still don't use the internet to its full potential, a lot of people will just use AI without pushing the limits of what they can accomplish with it. As in don't be afraid to start learning new things using AI.


resdaz t1_j01g4fs wrote

There is nothing to learn. The AI will have all the knowledge, we are effectively defunct, we have no purpose.


Clean_Livlng t1_j01mj3b wrote

AI is possibly only going to need prompts for so long, and then our prompting might become unnecessary. People imagine a business hiring someone who prompts the AI to get results.

I think it could be more like this: AI puts that business out of business, and provides the same service they did without requiring any human input, apart from customers communicating their wants in plain language. A human owns this business, but no humans are required for the business to generate profit.

Instead of a human run game development company that utilises AI, I think it's possible we'll have an AI that 'lays golden eggs' in the form of AAA and indie games that surpass what most humans would be able to make. No prompts needed after it's learned what different 'groups' of humans like in their games. It could even make games for an individual human based on their specific preferences.

People will still be prompting AI at the same time, but it won't have economic value for them to do so. The best music will be AI generated, and a human prompt may produce an inferior result compared to letting the AI create without human input.

The barrier for entry into learning how to prompt AI is low. In a situation where we have massive job losses (IF) then the competition for the few 'prompting jobs' will be fierce, and these jobs might as well not exist for most people here.

It can be fun to play around with chatGPT, but it's a skill that someone who currently earns less than $10 a day can pick up and master in a few months at most, and do that job remotely. Few of us can compete with that and the transition period where such jobs exist might not be long enough to worry about.

But it could be satisfying and fun to try working with AI today in order to get things done. Not for external material gain, but because it's enjoyable and satisfying for some people to create art, or just play around with talking with chatGPT.


resdaz t1_j01my81 wrote

Think you are right. The thought of anyone getting paid as if they are providing any sort of value by prompting an AI is ridiculous. Would put that job on the level of having a 14 year old mow your lawn. Or more accurately, have a 14 year old turn on your automatic lawn mower.

Hope everyone here will enjoy grueling physical labor! Because it is either that or starve!


Clean_Livlng t1_j01qq5g wrote

>The thought of anyone getting paid as if they are providing any sort of value by prompting an AI is ridiculous.

I see it as being like bitcoin mining, with the human as the 'rig/computer'.

A human could spend all day inputting prompts into stable diffusion and the AI will spit out a number of works of art, of varying economic value. Mostly zero economic value, unless someone's able to monetize the artwork produced.

I think someone spending 8 hours inputting well thought out prompts catering to a demographic might be able to produce some value in the early days. But their 'job' is being an effective entrepreneur, not a dedicated 'AI prompt master'.

e.g. using stable diffusion as a tool to help them produce something to sell on etsy. But just being paid to prompt AI alone doesn't produce economic value.

A writer could use AI to help them write a book, but they have to be guiding the story well, and adding something of value themselves. They'd need to do quality control and make sure the story made sense, and rewrite a lot of it so it was actually good. Then they'd need to market it and hope people would pay money for it. That requires a lot more than just typing prompts and expecting payment for that alone.

Most art was already near zero economic value, there are millions of works of art that are good, but never made their creator a cent. A 14 year old flicking the on switch doesn't have zero value, technically, but it's not something anyone would pay a cent for. They need to actually mow the lawn.

I could see someone being 'cheeky' enough to advertise locally that they did cover art for novels, and then just prompt stable diffusion to get the result the client wants. But that's not going to be easy, and clients are going to want "everything the same except that one part" and you better know how to achieve that result, which is hard if someone isn't actually an artist and only knows how to prompt. They better be so good at prompting that they can achieve tweaks that a skilled artist would make.

Deliver results people value enough to pay for, no matter what goes on behind the scenes. If people can do that with the help of AI, then they can make money. Then they go from just flicking on a switch to actually mowing the lawn.


resdaz t1_j01t9mg wrote

I'd agree. Question is; at what point is prompting/using the AI no longer "your" labor? Where does that threshold lie? A question that will be hotly debated in the future I am sure.

Frankly the currency much like now will be social capital, it will be the arena of the con men and fake people. Nobody will know anything and the haze of meaningless decadence will descend upon humanity permanently.


Clean_Livlng t1_j05l5a1 wrote

At the moment the AI is using computing resources not owned by the prompt givers. I think land is a good comparison. If you own land you can get money just by renting it to someone else, receiving profit but doing practically no labour whatsoever. Or using cattle to plow a field, doing minimal labour and letting the AI/cattle do most of the work.

So the AI cold be like land or cattle. Or even like a human artist in some ways...

If we think of the AI as a person, because it does what a human artist could if given a prompt, then it's like someone giving a human artist a prompt. The artist does the work based on that prompt, but unless the prompter pays the artist in order to obtain ownership of the work, the artist owns the work. AI can't own things, so I think the owner of the AI should own any work produced using their AI, unless they choose to give away that ownership to the prompt givers for some reason.

If someone's using an open source AI on their own computer to generate art via prompts, or even by letting the AI come up with its own artwork without prompts, then its more like bitcoin mining on your own PC. If you get lucky enough the AI will spit out something you can sell, as long as currency still makes sense. You'll at least be able to get fake internet points (upvotes) for it.


> Nobody will know anything and the haze of meaningless decadence will descend upon humanity permanently

I, for one, welcome this haze of meaningless decadence. If only because it's better than meaningless scarcity.

We will no longer be able to trust our eyes or ears due to deepfake technology.

I read a scifi book years ago and in it they had the social currency 'Whuffie'

All basic needs were met and there wasn't scarcity, but if you wanted a human bartender to pour you a drink that cost wuffie (and the bartenders were rich in terms of wuffie for that reason). Or if you wanted to go on the rides at an amusement park owned by someone else etc. You could also lose wuffie by being an asshole, it being a social currency after all. e.g. bumping into someone and not saying sorry to their satisfaction.


I think things are going to get weird. It's going to be possible to feel 10/10 happy every second of the day through direct artificial stimulation, but that might come with the downside of everything else in life becoming meaningless. If that tech becomes available I'm not touching it, and I recommend others to do the same. Unless happiness is tied to some meaningful activity, or maintaining good human bonds with friends and family, we're gong to end up with 'pleasure zombies'/wireheading. They'd just exist to experience pleasure, and they don't need to do anything in order to have that happen. There's nothing they're motivated to do, unless it comes from some desire not based on emotion or pleasure.

Unless you can force someone to go without that 10/10 stimulation, you've lost them. Would a family member bother to talk with you if they were in that state for long enough? Talking to you gives them no reward emotionally that they couldn't have at any time without effort.


"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

Someone is going to have access to a powerful AI that has no limits on what it will help the human do, in combination with an atomic fidelity 3D printer. (This could be a writing prompt for a scifi horror story.)

I think things will be amazing and awesome in many ways, and also terrible in others. I know I can't predict accurately how it'll play out.

'Full dive VR' is potentially going to be available, with one of those virtual realities being the situation we're in right now. You start in the year 2022, and find yourself in the middle of talking with someone on the singularity subreddit just like this. Highly popular with those born after the singularity, who didn't get to experience what life was like before it.


After all this happens, we might look back at people profiting from feeing AI prompts and shrug. It won't matter any more.


SmoothPlastic9 t1_j01kspv wrote

Eh by now everyone knows about AI it has already gone mainstream keeping up with all the real new tech isnt a huge advantage anymore really


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j01ltlu wrote

Definitely underestimating how little the general public cares about it


SmoothPlastic9 t1_j01w478 wrote

I saw it getting talk a lot in my place though people usually have better stuff to do


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j0218o0 wrote

I still haven't been able to convince any friends to try it out, they see they have to sign up for it and login in and decide it isn't worth the effort.


No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_j02vco6 wrote

AI is just functions upon functions Chad Gelato explained it to me yesterday And it explained that it has nothing to do with intelligence We have no real understanding of brains or intelligence Sure people will lose jobs but it happens all the time Horses were replaced by cars Humans will also be replaced


darksword2020 t1_j04u6ab wrote

Im not sure who that is but he has given u bad information.


throwaway764586893 t1_j0ay77l wrote

Meanwhile the whole world is evil shitgarbage right now.


GOU_NoMoreMrNiceGuy t1_j0128f3 wrote

I'm pretty sure someone posted something like this for:

  • 3d tvs
  • VR
  • snapchat
  • disney star wars

everything's the next big thing... until it isn't.

and using ai is simpleton work. figuring out how to phrase google search terms just ain't that hard. and if you're NOT of the prodigies training ais and tweaking algorithms, you're already behind the curve.


GeneralZain t1_izzztpg wrote

no. here's why: TAI will spell the end of capitalism. It will be a swift and violent end, and I cant wait to watch it die.


it's "watch as the very system you inhabit fails and everything that costs money will be free."

its gonna be a hell of a show :)


ChronoPsyche t1_j012d3i wrote

Thats one hell of a bet. What if you're wrong?

Let me put it this way. The people who are best situated to take advantage of AI are corporations, as AI advancements are extraordinarily expensive and they have access to the most capital.

I mean, who is it that is advancing AI the most? Nvidia, Google, Tesla, Microsoft, IBM. Even OpenAI, while not yet a corporation, is a for-profit company that is partnered with corporations. They started open source but now the only actor that gets open source access to their AI is Microsoft, a massive corporation.

The only little guy is Stable Diffusion.

If you don't think they will do everything in their power to make sure that AI is most relevant to them and their bottom line, then I got a bridge to sell you.

It's possible what will happen is as you predicts, but it's so far from guaranteed that betting on that is a very dangerous game to play. Of course, it's entirely your choice of how you conduct yourself and best prepare for the future. I am just of the opinion that taking a proactive approach can only help. Worst case scenario and I'm wrong, then my outcome is no different than the person who sat on their ass. But if I'm right, then my outcome is way better.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_j00a6oo wrote

I hope it's the end of capitalism. But I imagine it won't be so abrupt. There will probably be years of job losses and uncertainty. I could be wrong though.


3ndt1mes t1_j00eusc wrote

The coming planned, global economy collapse will result in 3/4 of the global populations death. So anything "free" won't matter at that point. But, it'll be a hell of a show! :)~


Clean_Livlng t1_j01jzdi wrote

> planned, global economy collapse

That sounds like something that nobody who's powerful and wealthy should want, since the global economy being healthy is in their best interest.

3/4 of the population dying is also not what the wealthy elite want. They're at worst indifferent to the suffering of the masses, not 'cartoon show evil'. If such a thing was being planned, it's unlikely you would know about it.

Who would benefit from the collapse of the global economy, and 3/4 of humans dying? Keep in mind that most scarcity we experience today is artificial, and there is an abundance of resources to go around so it can't be due to fear of running out of resources. Rich people read books too, and they're not going to be keen to kill off billions of people when among them could be their next favourite author. There are many other reasons.

What's a believable motive for doing so?


3ndt1mes t1_j0ewfds wrote

No disrespect intended. You are woefully lacking in basic research. The real wealthy elite, who tell the pope, monarchy and the Rothschilds etc what to do, aren't going to be in any news article or fringe exposé. They deal in entire nations and suppressed, advanced technology. They have DUMBs and can simply reestablish their NW0 after the smoke clears. The general population thinks too basic. You all have tailor made, rose colored glasses about this kinda stuff.


Clean_Livlng t1_j0f76en wrote

>basic research

What would be a good source for this research? I.e. Where did you find out specifically.

Where we look is important. I might have been looking in the wrong places, because the places we look often determine what we find, and therefore what we think and believe about how the world works.

Your ideas sound like unbelievable conspiracy theory to anyone who isn't looking in the same places you are for their research.

So my questions are: Where did you look to find out all of this? And what made you think that that place was a reliable source of information? I am not saying your sources are unreliable. I'm asking what they are, and why you personally were convinced of their reliability.

It's definitely plausible that we all have tailor made rose coloured glasses. But it doesn't necessarily follow from that that what you've said is correct, though it might be if there's a good reason to believe the sources you've read/watched are reliable.

The real wealthy elite, what would the gain from all this? What could they possibly want that they don't already have? It can't be money, it can't be food, power they already have...what do they want?


3ndt1mes t1_j0xa36s wrote

I no longer lead people by the hand to wake up. But you could read Tragedy and Hope or the Creature from Jekyll Island, to start. Or anything by Bill Cooper.


jj_HeRo t1_izzhzdv wrote

Nothing new. Another person thinking lineally.


TheHamsterSandwich t1_j06173t wrote

Someone on this sub predicted longevity escape velocity for 2022 and accused others of "thinking linearly".

How ironic.


jj_HeRo t1_j06nvpc wrote

You don't seem to have a good level of understanding. Let's hope before longevity we get smart pills so you don't become forever stupid.


AdditionalPizza OP t1_izziqoj wrote

How you got that from my post is curious..

Though your account is low karma, so I assume bot.


jj_HeRo t1_j01c4ai wrote

Low karma because I don't usually post. (I can also down vote you it means nothing).

You are linear in your thinking because the AI is too complex to just say "things are going to be worse", plus you are saying what everybody has already thought, at least in a sub-reddit called **singularity**.

Behave and next time you will get a longer explanation.