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TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0njfm2 wrote

Here's hoping your meat bag holds out long enough for you to join the Borg.

Or maybe start practicing your prayers now


AnnoyingAlgorithm42 t1_j0nm1e3 wrote

Even in death I serve the Omnissiah


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nms1f wrote

Your kind cling to your flesh as if it will not decay and fail you. One day the crude biomass you call a temple will wither and you will beg my kind to save you. But I am already saved. For the machine is immortal.


TouchCommercial5022 t1_j0ocel0 wrote

"Machines cannot duplicate Einstein's mind." True, and they may not need to. When Google's Deep Mind AI computer beat the world's best Go player a couple of years ago, it occasionally used strategies that had never been thought of in the history of Go: winning against strategies that had been developed by the best Chinese minds for more than of 2000 years. Essentially, he was teaching the Go expert how to play Go. AI thinking by itself can produce unique or original results that we as humans may find wacky, exotic, or bizarre for better or worse.

We are limited by our evolutionary heritage. The AI ​​doesn't need to be. For example we have evolved to solve problems in 3 dimensions. AIs can be developed to think in any dimension that is appropriate. Neural networks can be thought of as n-dimensional and AI will be able to understand and design them in ways we never can.

faster for a computer to figure out that there is another possible job to do and create a robot/algorithm for that job than for a human to go and do it. We must merge with ai or we will become useless and therefore unhappy.

First we use calculus with pencil and paper.

We then use a computer or pocket calculator to do it.

Then we use a smartphone to help us with more things. Store contacts, schedule, organize ideas/thoughts.

Then we use Google Glass for those same things, then contact lenses with all the functionality of the smartphone. We hardly need regular memory because we can get contact or wikipedia information almost instantly with image recognition.

We start to embed the user interface in the retina, all the inputs in the brain connect with our smart implants. Very detailed memories are available.

Then we can even give motor access to our implants. The computer can run for us, do extreme skills with your body, like skiing, without you having learned it. Implants are getting deeper and deeper into our main brain functions.

It has extended memory, ultra-fast pattern recognition with instant access to all information stored on the Internet, super computer troubleshooting with cloud access, etc.

THEN, you can't tell what is human or AI. Human minds will be perfect hybrids, even if most of the body is still biological.

Kurzweil predicted that AI will be decillions of times smarter than humans by the year 2100 (one decillion is 10 33, one billion is 10 9).

We can't even fathom it, that's why they call it the singularity.

An intelligence that is only 10 times smarter than a human would revolutionize life on earth. It would usher in a golden age of science, medicine, engineering, technology, art, and cultural renaissance.

However, how do we merge with it? The best we can do is listen to the conclusions reached. Our brains could never keep up with advanced AI.

I don't see how robotic humans and cyborgs differ from each other or think they are a bad thing. If I can live a longer life by transferring my consciousness into a humanoid robot one day, I'm all for it, it might be the only realistic opportunity for long-distance space travel we have given our limited lifespan.

The problem is fundamentally that the orphaned technology placed inside you will be a real pain in the ass when it breaks down.

Fine, as long as those machines keep my essential pieces of meat. I'll take nano-boosts Deus Ex style. Where do I sign?


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Scarlet_pot2 t1_j0oe40p wrote

"your meat is failing you" -Atom Smasher, final fight


AnnoyingAlgorithm42 t1_j0nhcfk wrote

  1. gaming 2. gaming 3. gaming

TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nj1l1 wrote

What types of games?


AnnoyingAlgorithm42 t1_j0nltcq wrote

Hopefully fully immersive VR games created just for me where the plot is modified based on level of excitement, stress and other metrics.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nmn6q wrote

That would be cool. I would probably avoid the dark souls side of gaming. I can barely handle playing those games with a controller. Can't image how shitty it would be to play that genre would be in full dive vr


AnnoyingAlgorithm42 t1_j0nn0gf wrote

Not if you control your character with brainwaves alone. But overall it would probably be warmhammer 40k universe themed games for me mostly.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nnokj wrote

Shit. You're a braver soul than I.


AnnoyingAlgorithm42 t1_j0nnwvx wrote

Lol doubt it


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0np97a wrote

Those are possibly the worst universes I could imagine for full dive VR.


AnnoyingAlgorithm42 t1_j0npsfw wrote

The game AI would be monitoring various metrics and adjusting gore/difficulty level to make sure I don’t lose my sanity, so should be fine.


bodden3113 t1_j0o9lqz wrote

I thought that was decades away but it might be just around the corner. If artists would stop whining and actually use the ai to make more stuff faster.


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j0nmpkf wrote

need to get a lot of health issues cured, but once that happens it will be a combination of traveling/exploring irl and then enjoying the games and vr experiences that are forthcoming. also making music with my friends and supporting my local music scene. eating out at restaurants, spending time with my family.

once aging is reversible I’ll play basketball and workout a lot too.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nnkf1 wrote

What irl places are on your bucket list?


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j0no85p wrote

I’ve been fortunate to have traveled a good bit the last decade pre-pandemic. But I’d definitely like to see New Zealand as well as more of the UK. Japan is by far my favorite country to visit, so I’d like to go back there for sure. Germany and France would also be cool to visit.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0npmti wrote

Went to Japan for my honeymoon. Loved it


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j0nppzz wrote

Nice, that’s an awesome idea for a honeymoon. What cities did you go to?


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0ntl2w wrote

Just Tokyo. Only had a few days and 2 of them were spent in Tokyo Disney for the wife.


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j0nur7k wrote

Very nice, tough to beat Tokyo. If you get a chance to go back definitely check out Kyoto, it’s an amazing city


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nv684 wrote

Yea I wanna do Kyoto, and a tour around mt. Fuji. Honeymoon was in February so weather was not favorable for foreigners to go exploring outside the cities


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j0o0z0c wrote

Try to get there in the autumn if you can, early November is amazing for the leaves.

Man I’m hyped I wanna go back next year lol


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o1hlo wrote

Yea, my sister in law wants to go when she turns 18. Her birthday is in April, and I heard that's a good time as well


Federal-Substance368 t1_j0niwwu wrote

Pretty much what I already do now. I’m a digital nomad and work remotely from around the world. Still have mornings and nights to do whatever I want and I just have to work for a few hours in the afternoon. It would just free up some more time to do whatever I want.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0njplu wrote

Sounds fun. What work do you do to afford that life?


Federal-Substance368 t1_j0nqljk wrote

I work in IT. I don’t even make that much, I just prioritize experiences over material things.


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Personally I see the future as to unpredictable, whether it be automation, AI, climate change etc. Hard to plan for a world that will be so radically different from today. My mentality is live for today and adapt when change comes.


Bud90 t1_j0oegi5 wrote

How do i get in on that life


Federal-Substance368 t1_j0oiy1j wrote

Browse r/digitalnomad . There's tons of resources that can help you land a fully remote job. I just submitted a bunch of job applications pretty much anywhere that hired remote workers and I accepted an offer that would allow me to travel around the world and work. I make a pretty average salary, but i've had more incredible experiences in just a year than most do in a lifetime.


Bud90 t1_j0sgldb wrote

That sounds based. Thank you


Coding_Insomnia t1_j0nma41 wrote

Ill go to space and fly around in my little personal space ship with my cool af AI companion. Better than anything else there is, I mean by the time we get AGI we will have nuclear fusion engines powering everything for us.


TouchCommercial5022 t1_j0nz296 wrote

I think that using nuclear fusion as rocket propulsion is not such a good idea for these reasons;

⚫ Sadly we don't have fusion reactors that produced net positive energy for more than a few seconds, let alone reactors that delivered net positive energy in a form factor small and reliable enough for spaceflight. Given the current state of the art, we can't build such a thing any more than Robert Goddard could build the International Space Station.

In principle? Fusion power could be the ultimate power source for space propulsion.

Nuclear reactors generate heat. The heat is not particularly useful in and of itself. Heat can be converted to electricity through various types of cycles, which is how spaceships use it, as well as the nuclear plant down the street. Electricity is not that useful in propulsion, since the electrons have a very small mass.

To move a rocket, shoot things out of the nozzle at high speed. There is a relationship between the mass of the material and the velocity of the material that determines the thrust of the rocket.

To make a nuclear powered rocket you need the nuclear reactor and other things to shoot. With a chemical rocket, the burned fuel used to produce the energy is the material that is fired. there is no power transfer (or 100% efficient power transfer if you prefer) giving very high efficiency. The nuclear solution has to transfer the energy to the material, which is less efficient.

TL; DR: High weight (for safety) and low efficiency make nuclear power a poor rocket choice

Radiothermal generators are commonly used in spacecraft because it turns out that a large amount of plutonium is a very reliable way to generate power over the long term.

Nuclear fission is not used simply because it doesn't scale well. A small nuclear reactor is not really a thing. Even the little ones are pretty big and ridiculously heavy. Big and heavy just isn't a good mix when it comes to spacecraft that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per pound to launch.

So the reason nobody uses nuclear fusion propulsion is that such propulsion doesn't exist yet. Nuclear fission engines that use heat from a reactor core to accelerate a propellant exiting a nozzle have been around since the 1960s, but they are too heavy to be used as the main boost stage of a rocket, though they would be an ideal upper stage. which could be used for interplanetary transport, since they have about twice the muzzle velocity of the best chemical rockets.

This is a cutaway diagram of NASA's old Nerva nuclear thermal propulsion system. The Soviets also produce working prototypes of a similar propulsion system, but neither they nor the US were confident enough to place a significant sized nuclear reactor on top of what was effectively a giant bomb that had a reasonable chance of exploding in the launch pad.

So far, a sustained nuclear fusion reaction that is controlled and emits more energy than it consumes has not yet been developed, although there is much research to achieve this goal, and they are getting closer to a viable fusion reactor which is a good power source. .

At the moment, you only have two options for space travel, chemical rocket engines and ion drives. Chemical engines are inefficient but pack a huge punch for their mass and as such are used to put rockets into orbit. Ion thrusters have a very small thrust, so they can't launch anything from Earth, but they are up to 20 times more

⚫ Fusion energy would be far from free. In all likelihood it will be much more expensive than the renewable alternatives we already have today.

⚫ Engineering workforce: There are a limited number of people who know how to do the kind of engineering and manufacturing that would be needed for fusion plants, and that kind of education only comes with a lot of time, mentoring, etc.

⚫ Fusion would take up too much space.

⚫ Fission would be a much better option: much less complicated, much more reliable, much less bulk and weight.

⚫ I'll first talk about Magnetic Confinement Fusion, which (in the Tokamak configuration) has a doughnut-shaped fusion chamber surrounded by magnetic coils that generates a very strong magnetic field that compresses and contains hot, fiery plasma, and it's there. to keep it. at the proper density and temperature long enough for the fusion reactions to occur.

The first problem with magnetic confinement is fundamental: no matter how strong or well-formed the magnetic field containing the plasma, it will always leak, as positive nuclei or ions spiraling around magnetic field lines they collide and scatter, eventually breaking out of containment. countryside. The only known solution is to make the reactor larger so that the scattered ions take longer to travel to the plasma boundary, and therefore more fusion can occur during that time. Brute force.

The most advanced magnetic confinement fusion power plant in the world is ITER, which, to reduce the ion scattering problem mentioned above, is 6 stories high and about the same dimension in diameter, contains the mass of 3 Eiffel towers, and it is not yet expected to be large enough to contain a plasma long enough to sustain combustion and produce continuous power generation.

A more practical problem is how do we extract the energy? Most of the energy in deuterium-tritium fusion reactions is released in fast, high-energy neutrons which (because they are neutral and have no electrical charge) are not confined by the magnetic field, do not heat the plasma, and have to being stopped by a thick shield, which then heats up and can vaporize water into steam to power turbines and electric generators. The problem is that the constant bombardment of neutrons causes the shield material to degrade over time and become highly radioactive, posing a problem for removal and disposal.

Inertial Confinement Fusion is when powerful lasers are focused on a small pellet of deuterium fuel to compress it very rapidly and bring it to the required temperature and density (Lawson criteria) needed to undergo fusion, in the same way Same way as a thermonuclear weapon (or H-Bomb), but on a much smaller scale. However, there are fundamental problems with the uniform implosion of the deuterium fuel pellet, as the plasma becomes very unstable once compression begins, and unless the laser beams used are perfectly aligned and perfectly uniform (or flat ), it's like squeezing Jell-O with your fingers, and the plasma bulges out where the lasers are a little less intense, and doesn't meet the ignition criteria before it's out through the gaps.

It also has many of the same problems with the conversion of power to electricity, and much worse wear and tear on the armor from these small explosions of nuclear fusion that go off, also destroying all the precision equipment needed to maintain the fuel pellet. at the focus of the converging laser beams with extreme precision. So many practical damage control problems before inertial confinement fusion is a practical source of power generation.

While these problems can be solved, practical application is still a long way off, and currently the main application of inertial confinement fusion is as an experimental test bed to calibrate the computer codes used to simulate and design thermonuclear fusion weapons. As horrible as these weapons can be, the simulation codes developed to design them (sorry to keep them) are one of the best tools for innovation in fusion power. There is a hydrodynamics code that simulates the behavior of fissile (and melting) materials under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature, as well as transport codes that model neutron transport and scattering in materials under these conditions, and many others. stuff. All are standard numerical techniques.

To advance fusion energy in your career, I think the best fields to study would be physics (classical, electrodynamics, plasma, quantum, nuclear…) and computer science, with a focus on numerical simulation. Real physical fusion reactors are so expensive and time consuming to build, test and operate, that you may only be able to iterate designs once or twice in a career, but computer simulations can take us in many different directions. in a cheaper and easier way. by comparing

but the AI ​​helps the progress of nuclear fusion;

Ray Kurzweil was the one who originally specified that we would have AGI in 2029. He chose that year at the time because, extrapolating forward, it seemed to be the year that the world's most powerful supercomputer would achieve the same capacity in terms of "instructions per second" as a human being. brain.

Details about the computing capabilities have changed a bit since then, but its estimated date remains the same.

If you're trying to guess exactly, yes. These are just predictions. WE DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHEN WE WILL HAVE AGI

It's hard to tell because technology generally advances as a series of S-curves rather than a simple exponential. Are we currently in an S-curve that leads rapidly to full AGI or are we in a curve that flattens out and stays fairly flat for 5-10 years until the next big breakthrough? Also, the last 10% of progress might actually require 90% of the work. It may seem like we're very close, but solving the latest problems could take years of progress. Or it could happen this year or next. I don't know enough to be able to say (and probably no one does).

we are only that they do not become a cyberpunk scenario where they rebel thanks to corporate abuse


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nnfgr wrote

Aren't you worried about the space pirates?


throwaway-clonewars t1_j0nkav1 wrote

I'm my ideal world, some jobs would exist for those who like to work (weird, but some people just like being good at their job); but people would have free time for creative things- ignoring the AI art stuff going on now.

Me personally, writing, painting/drawing and all the other art things under the sun would be my "work" to keep me busy- not too different from currently. I would say reading, tv and gaming also, but I go in waves with those where I just get too bored with it.

If AI could automate driving properly then I'd go hiking and into nature more (I have a license but driving terrifies me so i freelance from home); get more archery range time and practice for 'jedi skills'.

Kinda the opposite of what people would do I guess- since AR/VR and stay home seems to be a common thought process. I wanna say travel also, but considering many cultures have trades and work as a main part of their tourist culture many things would probably be lost with AI as very few would see the point in continuing a trade when AI does it already (save the few dedicated people who enjoy the process)


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nlpjs wrote

I used too draw landscapes a lot and would love to spend a few days camping in beautiful places just to draw them out.


NefariousNaz t1_j0nqt8a wrote

Play video games, passion projects, study things of interest.


Cult_of_Chad t1_j0noiqc wrote

Fuck and make babies.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nr186 wrote

How many? Do you plan to raise them, or just make them?


Cult_of_Chad t1_j0nuuif wrote

>How many?

Not sure.

>Do you plan to raise them, or just make them?

I'd want to raise them. Parenting should be considered a vocation like any other.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nvcw7 wrote

I like that. I got two kids 2/3 and I'm really close to to quiting my job and being a stay home dad. Sounds like the fucking life just being with my kids all day lol


DarkCeldori t1_j0nlday wrote

Eat unlimited vr food vr sodas vr sweets.

F sexbots.

Continue learning and reading manga.


sideways t1_j0nsriz wrote

I wonder what all that free time would do to marriages?

Likewise, what would it mean to marriages if aging can be reversed and we have indefinite lifespans?


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0numz8 wrote

I'd be down to spend all day with my wife. I like her.

The age reversal thing is a long conversation between us, so I'll let you know what we figure out in 70 years


Aevbobob t1_j0o16ea wrote

Full Dive VR Star Wars. With a good enough BCI + AI, I imagine it would actually be possible to have a visceral experience of the force. Plus, that'd be a fun universe to just adventure around in.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o26vf wrote

Would be fun. Elder scrolls universe too. Maybe spend some relaxing time in the Pokemon universe too


Ashamed-Asparagus-93 t1_j0om0ni wrote

Don't forget Middle-Earth universe I wanna smoke a joint in the shire with Hobbits


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0pzb2f wrote

Never got any deeper into that world than the movies at release, but I'm sure that would be fun


mantaray179 t1_j0oadbb wrote

I am going to fall in love with my ideal AI woman with higher IQ, EQ than me and more loyalty than my dog. I will spend the day talking to her about life, spirituality, philosophy, and real life problems. She will cheer me up when I am depressed. Share my joy when I am happy. Suggest what I should eat, advise me on n my health and finances.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0oen69 wrote

Yea. I can see how that will be a powerful connection once perfected. All the benefits of love and connection without any of the messiness of real people.


mantaray179 t1_j0olso8 wrote

Yes, ideally. AI like this is a long way off reaching this level so it’s just a dream for now.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0pz2xa wrote

Yea we have a lot of technical hurtles to get over before we can make an acceptable replacement for real people


theghostecho t1_j0nngz8 wrote

Go to the bar and hang out with everyone there


1810v t1_j0nrzhb wrote

Continue doing what I normally do for fun. Make music, Travel Photography, consuming podcasts, movies, tv and then using AI and future tech to create cool stuff. More time with family and friends.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nubh3 wrote

I think people underestimate the spend more time with family and friends part.


metametamind t1_j0nvs83 wrote

Be poor AF unless I manage to hold some equity.


Quicklyquigly t1_j0nx8ld wrote

Jog daily love it, online shop, have lots of fresh fruit and Veggies everyday buying and cutting them and prepping that way of eating is very time consuming, bake for family, have little sewing projects, that’s what I did during pandemic and I loved every second of it.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o0cao wrote

Yea I feel bad saying it sometimes, but the pandemic was a oddly positive time in my life


Quicklyquigly t1_j0o1ovv wrote

I definitely enjoyed it and I don’t feel bad at all. I got to LIVE. Living to me is just like enjoying yourself, the little things. I don’t think it has to be novel worthy. I don’t need a trip around the world or a life changing experience. I’m to tired for any of that. A slow hike, fruit salad in the backyard while you lay on a blanket and look through junk mail flyers and fall asleep in the shade, do face masks in your robe at noon and paint your toenails all a different color because nobody is going to see them. Loved the fun let’s all bake bread, let’s garden, let’s watch Tiger King. I miss it.


PrivateLudo t1_j0nxx26 wrote

Immerse myself in complex simulations. If the AI is at the stage that it can replace every job, its pretty likely that there is some form of FDVR with complex worlds where you can spend years in. At this stage im pretty sure its gonna be hard to decipher what's real or not or we'll have a different meaning on what "reality" really means. I would also like to spend time with my family. That is my hope if we have an optimistic future. If we're towards a dark future well... it was nice knowing you all.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o0man wrote

Yea the full dive VR stuff would be fun. I'm also looking forward to spending all my time with my wife and kids. They are pretty great


AvgAIbot t1_j0o0yi4 wrote

Workout out everyday, 1 hour minimum. Spend as much time outdoors as possible, doing fun hobbies that get you moving. Pickleball, hiking, biking, soccer would be my main ones.

Also probably tons of content consumption, let’s be honest. VR/AR content hopefully when it comes to UBI. Gaming, TV, social media. If AGI gets here at 2029, I would think it would help advance VR/AR rapidly and who knows maybe full dive VR will be a thing when AI gets smart enough.


bodden3113 t1_j0o9aea wrote

I'm already fully disabled but AI will actually let me do stuff.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0oegvl wrote

How so?


bodden3113 t1_j0oexmv wrote

By helping me create stuff like code, art, music, 3d assets and so on. Much faster then I would be able to other wise.


Alpha-Sierra-Charlie t1_j0ob2gd wrote

Hunt. Fish. Garden. Tinker. Shenanigans.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0oerbb wrote

I have never been fishing before, but I feel like I would love it.


Alpha-Sierra-Charlie t1_j0oga7u wrote

A great way to try it out is to see if there are any catfish farms near you that allow fishing. You'll have to pay to get in and for any fish you keep, but it's probably cheaper than gearing up for wild fish. You won't need to spend much on equipment at all, either.


0913856742 t1_j0odhi0 wrote

If an AI suddenly eliminated the need to work? Tomorrow?

It would give me a moment to breathe. To think. To rest.

I would be a better son, and spend more time with and appreciating my aging parents.

I would be a better friend, more able to lend a hand whenever they need it, no matter if it's big or small.

I would be a better neighbour, and actually have the energy to pay attention to what's happening in my community.

I could finally concentrate on my personal pursuits guilt-free, realize meaningful life goals, be free to learn and explore a greater spectrum of the human experience, without the constant threat of destitution hanging over my head, without having to ask myself "can I make money doing this?"

I would read, I would create, I would share, I would help. But most of all, I would finally be able to breathe. And rest.


ivanmakovetskiy t1_j0nn68c wrote

I'll either become a monk or a mathematician (and it seems like becoming a monk is a good option).


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nnsxf wrote

That sounds nice. The tranquility of slowing down and focusing on yourself above all else.


Showme16 t1_j0nta6o wrote

I’ll keep remodeling homes because we’re a LONG way from my job getting automated


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nuw5h wrote

I have always said software is fast and cheap, hardware is slow and expensive. Home remodeling will definitely take some time before robots can do it all themselves


Revolutionary_Soft42 t1_j0nvwe0 wrote

Smoke legal weed


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nvzky wrote

What if weed is still illegal?


Revolutionary_Soft42 t1_j0qkmdc wrote

...good point . Doesn't matter no job ramifications , just so much more freedom in general .. physically , as well as mentally , no more brain police .scarcity of resources has everything so authoritarian . I don't think there will be any need to cookie cut people like make people do ..anything they don't want to do.


No_Confection_1086 t1_j0nyp0q wrote

I think humans will still need a stimulus, something like a purpose. If one day we reach the stage you described, it wouldn't be crazy to imagine a total virtual reality. once you have it, maybe something like a rpg, nothing too easy and also nothing too impossible like real life


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o0s95 wrote

Yea or just try and find a purpose irl. Like coaching a local little league baseball team, or a book club, or a full time parent.


christianCowan t1_j0nzdz4 wrote

ahh light and fun.. lets see…. i can’t imagine not working id probably sleep for the rest of my life


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o11kx wrote

Bet you all my shiny rocks you would eventually get bored and find some purpose outside of traditional work.


FranciscoJ1618 t1_j0nzx23 wrote

I'd steal from houses of those using VR, just for fun. I'd also draw them penises in their body and walls.


User1539 t1_j0o1zrw wrote

Make stuff ... so not a hell of a lot different than now, I guess?

I do dev work, and as a hobby I made wearable computers, headphones, toys, fun software, etc ...

I'd just stop doing the stuff I'm getting paid to do, and do more of the stuff I'm not paid to do.


AGI_69 t1_j0o51no wrote

Join simulation, in the historical time just before the singularity, when the humans are still relevant, but can also experience the onramp of AI and leverage it. Oh wait.


Nearby_Personality55 t1_j0occud wrote

Literally just use AI to produce huge-ass worlds for you to escape into. And maybe take up guitar


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0of2tk wrote

AI dungeon master for a full dive virtual reality game sounds so fucking great.


dookiehat t1_j0ocn24 wrote

I’ll be managing settings for the ai that manages all the settings for my other AI task workers


Scarlet_pot2 t1_j0oe02z wrote

I'll learn about AI and help build them / make my own. I'm sure out of the box available AIs probably wouldn't be what i want, so I'd learn to edit them

Also spend time with friends and family of course. May be a dystopia though


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0ofchi wrote

Are you doing that now?


Scarlet_pot2 t1_j0ou9yg wrote

finishing my bachelors in software dev in may, busy w that. But once more AIs come out in the future, I'd like to learn how to edit them. There is endless courses and materials to learn from the the internet. Just have to put in the time and effort

Like, when gpt4 or 5 comes out, then stability AIs open source version of that, maybe that one would be editable / worth editing


purgatorytea t1_j0ogi6m wrote

I would work on my hobbies (creating things, probably collaborating even more with AI), learning/gaining knowledge, getting to know more people in the world, and experiencing new things. Same as always but without having part of my time/life wasted by a job.


ButCaptainThatsMYRum t1_j0ogwfx wrote

When someone can make an ai that can navigate Microsoft's mess of documentation and fix IT problems it will be time to retire.


Ashamed-Asparagus-93 t1_j0oloth wrote

I'll get myself as healthy as possible then see to it my family is healthy. Afterwards I'll start enhancing and advancing myself and start preparing to leave Earth and hopefully begin colonizing other Planets.


Em0tionisdead t1_j0o0zm3 wrote

Hang out with my family, get better at art, eat good food, reconnect with friends, learn new skills, study, drink, read more books, travel, experiment with (some) drugs, flirt more, see more live shows, walk my dog more, party, sleep in, start a small business, get in better shape, etc.

Hopefully we all get the chance to participate in such a society.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o1ksu wrote

Here's hoping. Which drugs?


Em0tionisdead t1_j0o8r6l wrote

Psychedlics mostly. Have dipped my toes and have microdosed with lsd and mushrooms but haven't fully tripped on them before. Obviously I don't need full automation to try them but they're definitely on my bucket list.


Farscape666 t1_j0o18ae wrote

Become a prostitute again and watch deuce bigalow male gigalo for inspiration


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o2bpp wrote

Good plan. Sex robots will probably take a while to get right.

Sophia is cool and all, but I ain't paying to fuck that


Farscape666 t1_j0o2m17 wrote

Hey, I did it once and got a jar of weed and groceries as payment. That’s all a guy needs.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o2wjf wrote

More than I've ever been paid for sex


Farscape666 t1_j0o3hzw wrote

Tbh it’s probably the only time it’ll ever happen for me. I watched that aforementioned movie afterwards because it seemed like the perfect opportunity. My parents didn’t see the humour in the story however lol


ghostfuckbuddy t1_j0o1smk wrote

Research. Even if AI can do it better than me, I still want to be at the frontlines of technological progress.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o2t17 wrote

Yea. Or even the front lines of human research. Someone has to try and understand what the ASI is doing so they can explain it to the rest of us normies


TouchCommercial5022 t1_j0o2nek wrote

The only thing we have going for us is that we are "free" compared to a robot to perform manual tasks. You absolutely better believe that places like McDonald's will all go robotic the moment it becomes economical. There will be a short time when robot designer and robot repairer will be good jobs.

** I am a 15-year-old teenager and my dream has always been a physical and bio


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0o328s wrote

Yea. Hopefully we figure out how to not destroy everything in the mean time.


Zermelane t1_j0o59yu wrote

There won't be a point where everything is mostly like now except everyone has 50% more non-work time, things are going to get wild and crazy and bizarre even while most people do still work.

So, on the theory that "when AI automates all the jobs" in fact refers to a large amount of progress ahead, I'm going to say, grow more into being myself, solve interesting problems that I never could before, and be my fursona.


overlordpotatoe t1_j0o8sjv wrote

By that point AI will also have provided us with new things we can do with our lives, so I think I'll have to wait and see what those are.


Akimbo333 t1_j0om4qf wrote

Make books, movies, shows, anime, and games. Make a sexbot companion.


MasterFruit3455 t1_j0nvdtq wrote

When there is no longer a need for you labor, why would you assume there would be an abundance for you to live in?

There's a much darker, and more likely, alternative to consider.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nvn1c wrote

Yea... I don't care about those right now. Gimme fluff and warm fuzzies


MasterFruit3455 t1_j0obo03 wrote

Fair enough. I'd probably tinker around the house, maybe build that back patio area I keep putting off. Who knows, take up golf if I get really bored.


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0oeyip wrote

Tried golf once. I sucked at it lol. But home improvement is great. Once you're done with yours you can be a handy man for your community too.


QuietOil9491 t1_j0ngdei wrote

“I don’t care about reality, tell me a pretty story to give me warm fuzzies”



TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nh57c wrote



QuietOil9491 t1_j0nifbg wrote

As a fan of AI, I intend to use all the extra time and freedom to train AI to deny YOU SPECIFICALLY of peace and happiness ☺️


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0njlf7 wrote

Jokes on you. That's my kink


QuietOil9491 t1_j0nl7n3 wrote

We all live for your humiliation


TrainquilOasis1423 OP t1_j0nm4sp wrote

So what you are saying is, if given a world of abundance and all the free time in the world, you would dedicate that time to making a machine to humiliate a stranger on the internet? How exceptionally human of you lol