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ThePlanckDiver t1_j2dloch wrote

With all due respect to lucidrains (whose work is great), this article is clickbait; this is like saying there’s an open-source version of the Empire State Building, which is in fact just the blueprint.

Anyone is free to build it, sure, just bring your own bricks (data) and mortar (FLOPS).

(Those CarperAI and LAION initiatives mentioned at the end sound interesting, but honestly, after all the premature hype for BigScience’s BLOOM and Meta’s OPT and co. which in reality turned out to be a snooze, I’ll reserve my celebrations for when they deliver something that’s actually useful.)


mkultra500000 t1_j2eg48m wrote

Honestly. The recipe for these models that will allow for a successfully trained model are a pretty big deal. It’s not a small thing.