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yeaman1111 t1_j6p4sjw wrote

Common use AI's like ChatGPT are setting themselves up to be the next consumer-tech revolution, and you can understand a lot of the attitudes behind the creators by evaluating the fallout from the last revolution, Social Media.

Soceity got burned hard by social media, and whether it has been a net good or a net wrong is still, IMHO, an open question. It stands to reason that devs are wary of becoming the next Facebook but worse, polarizing already strained soceities past the breaking point, letting spammed disinfo wreck public discourse, turn kids into functional addicts or who knows what else that we cant foresee.

Having said that, I cant help but be wary of how theyre taking this. Too much hem hawing could mire us deeper in a 'boring distopia' where the big tech AI are completely sanitized 'for your own good', a 'good' that most ofteb coincides with what is good for the company's PR, image, and the Company itself. As always, we'll have to hope in open source projects to save the day if this gets too dire.