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GayHitIer t1_j69xhbh wrote

Exponential bigger advancements, AGI will be a huge S curve maybe so big it will just look like a line.


questionasker577 OP t1_j69xxlr wrote

So an exponential growth curve rather than an S-curve?


Hotchillipeppa t1_j69yw79 wrote

It might still technically be an "s curve" but the curve up with ai will be so high that the s shouldnt come down for a long while.


Good-AI t1_j6dzdrk wrote

It might be a J curve. The first and the last one.


GayHitIer t1_j69yran wrote

Combination of the two. But still s curves.


Nmanga90 t1_j6b2rkf wrote

Definitely an S curve still. Looking back at progress, it has been very, very slow until now. Basically the invention of the transformer changed everything