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Inevitable_Snow_8240 t1_j6absx0 wrote

Video games most definitely look much better than 2013, lol. Like a whoolllllle lot better. Even since 2018 there have been huge leaps. Try looking for YouTube videos that illustrate this.


Akimbo333 t1_j6b7zsh wrote

Oh yeah I agree


Steven81 t1_j6cfkit wrote

I still think that a 16 year old game like Crysis has no place to look as good as it does today. A semi open world with fully destructible environment, tactics from your opponents and one of the best jungle environments to this days, with probably some of the best explosions to this day...

Contrast it with with 1991 games vs it. Graphics and videogame mechanics have definitely slowed, by a whole lot. There was no new paradigm to follow the one that brought us to the mid '00s...

Having said that , it is to be expected. The industry has matured, you need exponentially more money with very little return (both in results and money from said results). It's the prototypical S curve.

Next step in videogames would only happen when we change the medium (say being in them instead of controlling within a screen). By then there would be a fresh reason to progress fast... we are not there yet.


kindasad22 t1_j6d169l wrote

2018? Nothing looks better than rdr2 and God of war yet


Specialist-Pie8423 t1_j6ec1yl wrote

Honestly what's amazing to me is that God of War (2018) already looks a little aged, with how light bleeds through certain objects. The lighting in God of War Ragnarok looks much better. Also don't forget about Cyberpunk 2077 and the 3090 and 4090 graphics cards.


awhitesong t1_j6d2k9o wrote

Nvidia DLSS, DLDSR, Unreal Engine 5, Ray tracing, Motion capture (see Horizon Forbidden West), Mobile gaming, Open world boom, Streaming, VR, Cross play, etc. Gaming has indeed improved a lot.