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visarga t1_j6atn4r wrote

Three generations ago, people managed without electricity, fridge, TV and running water. Two generations ago we got TVs and computers but no internet. The last generation grew up with internet. And now kids can have AI. Physical changes dominate in the first part and informational changes in the second.

But some products are mature and excellent, so we can't expect progress there. You can't improve audio quality by higher sampling rate, 44Khz is sufficient. And retina displays are already at the limit of visual acuity. Videos with more than 60-120fps are already too smooth to tell any improvement. Other devices have been great for decades - house appliances, etc. Food can't be improved since we've been optimising at it for too long. Digital content is already post-scarcity, we can find anything, and now we can generate anything. So AGI will have to deliver on top of these things something else, the low hanging fruits have been picked.


DarkCeldori t1_j6bdehu wrote

Food can still be improved. Bread and fruit that remains good for months or years. Also polyphenol content can be increased and sugars replaced with natural zero calorie sweeteners through genetic engineering. Animals could be modified to be high in healthier monounsaturated fat rather than saturated fat.

As for ai there are technologies such as robots and humanoid biodroids that are possible also full immersion vr through connections to the brain. Enabling regeneration curing cancer and aging. Allowing for brain transplants. Also true nanomachine tech, appliances and devices made with true nanomachine tech can self repair self clean and can last for billions of years if they have energy provided.


ajahiljaasillalla t1_j6bjco4 wrote

I think in Japan tomatoes have been modified by CRISPR to contain more GABA acid and those went into the market a year ago. And those tomatoes were the first food product modified by CRISPR in the market. Also soy beans have been modified to contain more oleic acid. So food industry is going to change by CRISPR as it's easier and more precise to use as older GMO technologies and it's not GMO but gene editing.


pyriphlegeton t1_j6cqopu wrote

Fyi, the last "A" in "GABA" already means "acid" so "GABA acid" would be redundant. :)


PreferenceIll5328 t1_j6d7nd0 wrote

120 fps is nowhere near the limit that we can tell and 60 fps is downright choppy