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Villad_rock t1_j6dl529 wrote

All the things you mentioned needed decades of research. They didn’t just appear out of nowhere between 2003 and 2013.

I think touchscreens and the internet were invented in the 60s and 80s.

First you have research, invention in all kinds of fields and when it matures and come together you have an application explosion.

It doesn’t mean that you had more progress during 2003-2013.

We had most likely less scientific progress than the decades beforehand.

The same happens with new technologies like ai, biotech, vr, nanotech etc.

Every important progress behind close doors will lead to an explosion when everything matures and come together.

Doesn’t mean when the explosion happens that we actually will have more progress during that time.

People always talk about fusion is 20 years away but we did make progress which was in material science.

Fusion needs innovations in material science which can take decades because the materials you need are pretty high tech.

Don’t be a fool and think when fusion happens and change the world that we suddenly made progress, would be disrespectful of the decades of work beforehand which was more important and harder.