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No_Airline_1790 t1_j6dy7di wrote

Relativity. New inovations of invention may have been lacking to you but technology moved at a dizzy pace since 2013 to 2023.


questionasker577 OP t1_j6eiulo wrote

I’m sure you’re right but it just doesn’t quite feel like it


No_Airline_1790 t1_j6f7lid wrote

What version of the iPhone you using? Go look at the technology today in that phone compared to it even 5 years ago.

There are things your phone can do it couldn't do 3 years ago. Technology isn't about feeling.


questionasker577 OP t1_j6fc5fs wrote

The iPhone has had marginal improvements with each recent iteration—mainly the camera

The iPhone, in its earlier versions, had massive improvements with each new iPhone