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WashiBurr t1_j6bq30m wrote

Reply to comment by RichardKingg in I’m ready by CassidyHouse

How can you even know that the current version of you is "you"? For all we know, the consciousness you're experiencing at this very moment is just a state of being your brain accepts as itself, regardless of whether it actually is or not.


4444444vr t1_j6bu249 wrote

Well this is definitely me, maybe not the other guy that they thought they booted up, but me being me is the only thing I can know.



Kaining t1_j6cden6 wrote

You're putting the carriage before the horse here.

Consciousness first, body then. Consciousness is consciousness regardless of whatever body it is. It's molded by the body but is is what it is. New brain, new memories, new nervous system, new feeling, ect... That's kind of how the reincarnation thingy explains why you don't get to keep memories from previous life in buddhism btw and it kind of make sences. And is a bit fallacious and dodgy too as it kind of nullify the appeal of reincarnation when you first learn of the concept. It ain't a restart button at all. More of a "things stay the same in a constantly changing world" impermanence trick.

So you could rez a completely different consciousness into a VR game and it would still act the same as the being you resurected as long as you "built" it right. The problem here is not knowing if its "you" but if there is a "you" inside that VR avatar. That's an aspect of the "brain in a vat" thingy. How can you be sure that others are real when all of reality is merely a projection of your brain. How can you be sure you are even here is another nasty issue.

Ego Death is a thing afterall.