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Ok_Sea_6214 t1_j6bu0mw wrote

The problem is natural selection: you can't introduce this level of technology and expect we'll just all get to enjoy it without any issues. Industrialization led to two World Wars, and nuclear technology led to nuclear bombs, which could still destroy us all before we get to the Singularity.

It's why I believe 90% of people will not survive long enough to see this happen, because it would be too easy.


pandoras_sphere t1_j6dbt9d wrote

Uploading a person to AWS for all eternity will be cheaper than their remaining expected medical expenses.


Ok_Sea_6214 t1_j6dmerx wrote

There's only so much need for individual consciousnesses. Every upload needs to warrant the cost of storage and operation, no matter how insignificant.

And I think a shared biological/digital consciousness is the way to go to transfer legacy humans to digital ones, probably with cyborg upgrades. You can use an old drive as a backup until it fails, and just upgrade to a new one when it does.


SoylentRox t1_j6bxjkj wrote

I hope 10% survive. The skies are dark for a reason, and at our current level of knowledge it looks suspiciously easy for a lot of humans to become immortal and grab most of the universe. The remaining problems all look solvable in a reasonable (years to decades) amount of time if you have a superintelligence to handle the details.