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phoenixmusicman t1_j6bvg65 wrote

Reply to comment by winkerback in I’m ready by CassidyHouse

I would not, which is the problem I have with Star Trek teleporters. They're technically killing you every time.


OutOfBananaException t1_j6caq3v wrote

Your uploaded self will get terrible anxiety when moving between networks. I wonder if there will be uploads that refuse to move from the substrate they were uploaded to..


malcolmrey t1_j6cwr5w wrote

i also believe they are being killed and an exact copy is made

it is overall interesting concept

I wonder if people who died for a short time and then they came back - could they be treated similarly? :)

I know they have the same body, but they were technically rebooted. They went off for a moment.


Nanaki_TV t1_j6cyhvw wrote

You’re not being killed. If you have your arm cut off and reattached it’s still “your” arm right? Those teleportation devices and taking you apart by every molecule and then putting you back together. Theseus Ship comes into mind too. It’s why Riker had a clone of himself too. The device made a copy of them. I don’t remember which one was considered the copy anymore.


phoenixmusicman t1_j6e9izm wrote

The arm isn't being cut off though. The arm is heing removed, burned to ashes, then had the ashes sort through and rebuilt.

The clone thing supports my argument.