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Smellz_Of_Elderberry t1_j6c29ll wrote

Reply to comment by ginger_gcups in I’m ready by CassidyHouse

You're already in the, "billionaire with golden toilets is president of the United States" timeline.

Seems like pretty good evidence we are already in the simulation.. It surprises me how much this actually seems like the truth....


StarChild413 t1_j6co4n4 wrote

so are you saying it's because of the absurdity (if so, would it be theoretically possible to have a normal enough president (perhaps the closest candidate you'd support) to shift us back/retroactively affect our nature) or that a weird thought experiment joke based on something absurd from our world about that being part of a simulation proves we're in that simulation being joked about


Nanaki_TV t1_j6cyqhm wrote

Class, today we are going to discuss the topic of run-on sentences. Will someone take notes for StarChild since he’s out today?