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Bluemoo25 t1_j6dlk8t wrote

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There was this beautiful thing that I learned from Jack kornfield who learned it from Ajahn Cha a Buddhist monk. I'm going to paraphrase can't find the original. He essentially said imagine humanity as a vast forest. What happens when one tree falls? There are more that sprout and take it's place. The tree falling is a natural part of life. This is what you have to accept when it comes to death. The image of a tree falling in a forest is what clicked for me, and I lost the majority of my fear of death.


InternationalCook346 t1_j6ebsvz wrote

yeah, think that's why Buddhist monks always go wayyyy up in the mountains... like, "if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really die?" šŸ˜…


InternationalCook346 t1_j6ed7bc wrote

Schrodinger's Monk: A monk leaves his monastery, vowing to meditate atop a mountain in solitude until the end of days, as is the path their particular practice.

None will know whether he has left his body, until the next brother follows this same path. For a certain amount of time, Schrodinger's monk can be thought of as being both alive & dead, up until the next monk observes his body, thereby collapsing the wave function šŸ¤“