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Ivanthedog2013 t1_j6eojfg wrote

Reply to comment by bluemagoo2 in I’m ready by CassidyHouse

no one here is afraid of death by itself, they are afraid of what they will miss out on in between now and the heat death of the universe.

i would gladly accept death if it means i get to spend thousands of years unveiling all the mystery's of reality.

but dying now knowing that i could miss out on all the epic sci fi like experiences is much a fate much worse than just being anxious of death alone


bluemagoo2 t1_j6es6yz wrote

I guess I view it a little like my experience will end no matter what. After that (can’t know for sure though) I will cease to exist.

It’s a little pointless to be anxious and not accepting of it because at the end of it, it’s not your decision when your number gets called or whether this tech gets developed before your death.

It comes today or in 1 million years, you have equal control in both circumstances. I think it’s okay to want to be around for it but I also think you should be accepting that’s there’s a good chance we won’t. To not accept that means you’re unduly troubling your real current life.


Ivanthedog2013 t1_j6etogg wrote

i understand your logic but its a little flawed.

your assuming that in the next 1,000,000 years that humanity wont ever develop a smart enough intelligence to figure out a way to avoid the heat death of the universe,

considering how we are already seeing significant improvements in our ability to literally manipulate matter on a quantum level whos to say that once we figure out how black holes truly work and how they relate to dark energy or dark matter that we wont be able to take advantage of those systems to manipulate the entirety of the universe to eventually avoid the heat death of the universe.

im not saying its guaranteed to happen but knowing that it could potentially happen directly contradicts your logic that out inability to have control over our fate is equal to what our ability to do so would be 1,000,000 years from now. and that logical inconsistency validate peoples anxiety towards the thought of missing out on those intellectual transcendent/enlightening experiences.