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RemyVonLion t1_j4k8jna wrote

You aren't thinking too hard then, clearing up any misunderstandings among humanity and having instant clear communication with anyone is incredibly useful, along with being able to control technology with your mind. This tech is also used to restore bodily functions. Ideally you will get to choose what is uploaded and read/used. If the physical world doesn't improve with AI accelerationism then VR isn't going to be feasible either since you won't be provided the conditions to stay there unless you are part of the privileged, and it's unlikely to be that great anytime soon if people irl aren't provided the conditions to build such an amazing VR.


just-a-dreamer- t1_j4kao1b wrote

We will see. Being connected to the cloud defeats the purpose of technoligal advancement in my opinion.

I miss the days where you could go to the library and nobody cared about your business. Now you can do research on your smartphone, but you leave a footprint whatever you do. Still worth it.

Have your mind exposed 24/7? Not worth it in my opinion.


RemyVonLion t1_j4kcju5 wrote

The point is to make humanity a collective hivemind to harness our total knowledge and common goals for optimal harmony and efficiency. We can retain individuality while choosing what thoughts to share, letting the transparent technocratic government examine our mind when it's absolutely necessary, or an AI to help guide our every move. It's worth it if no one can be corrupt by having everyone be transparent and the government allows people to do as they please as long as no innocents are harmed.


just-a-dreamer- t1_j4n5647 wrote

What is the point of that? You would stop to be a human doing such thing anyway. Your personality would seize to exist

An AI that reaches singularity has god like levels of intelligence and understand within years.

Your brain would not be capqble to compute the data, it would need some upgrade to catch up.


RemyVonLion t1_j4ngugk wrote

Our desires and interests might evolve but that's not a bad thing, whatever we become is the natural evolution and should be embraced for it is far better than life now. Like I said, personality can be maintained to a degree but people will understand each other's point of view completely. We probably can't match the AI's intelligence and knowledge, but we can upgrade what is possible.