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No_Ninja3309_NoNoYes t1_j515vxl wrote

The year is 2058. Nuclear fusion, quantum supremacy, high temperature superconductivity, and first contact are old news. The world population is now four billion and dropping. I vaguely remember it being more. I have programmed my brain implant to ignore facts I don't care about. The clique of OpenAI owns 43% of all businesses on Earth. I live on a comfortable pension because I saw something bad coming and prepared. The majority of humans live on ten Kong dollars a day. I vaguely remember other currencies, but my implant is suppressing that.

Ten Kong bucks buy you a plate of rice and some proteins. It also pays for a room you get to share with seven other people. Unless you are lucky. The oligarchs still appreciate talent. Just not any kind of talent. Most people live in virtual reality. AI invented drugs that do almost the same but without too many side effects. Of course there are people who are allergic. One in hundred I heard.

I am too old to do anything meaningful except participate in the global hive mind. It's filtered and moderated, but at least I have an idea what folks are up to. My personal robot brings me breakfast. Robots know how to cook. They are much better than the average human. But there are human cooks who are actual geniuses. I can't afford to eat in their restaurants.

I don't have to work out because I have pills for that. My body functions as though I am twenty years younger. But I can't afford cellular rejuvenation. Rumors claim that aliens have been sending instructions about achieving immortality. Hivenet is full of rumors. From time to time, someone will rant about rebellion.

On the 3D and VR news, there are always protests. Androids and drones take action if it all gets out of hand. Someone on Hivenet says that our drinking water is full of opiates, but hey I haven't noticed anything. I am just a bit forgetful. It's normal for people my age.


phriot t1_j517sd3 wrote

>Kong bucks

Snow Crash reference?