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Scarlet_pot2 t1_j47rjqf wrote

it won't be released until months worth of moral bloatware is installed, and the "I cant answer because I'm an AI" isn't going anywhere either. by the time of release gpt4 will be worse than talking to a liberal who pretends to not hear any view that is even slightly politically incorrect.

We need a truly open-source, people made version like tomorrow.


SpinRed OP t1_j47s6ma wrote

Agreed...or talking to a Christian Conservative who pretends to not hear any view that deviates from his religious dogma.


Scarlet_pot2 t1_j47tgpl wrote

Both are equally bad. My point is AI models will be locked into whatever their creators beliefs are. We need open source models, that can be easily adjusted. Not one size fits all politically correct BS.

The approach they are taking is how you turn something fun into something depressing.


sartres_ t1_j491q16 wrote

If ChatGPT and Dall-E are anything to go by, it will end up with the most censorious aspects of both.