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technofuture8 t1_j3g2ngx wrote

Hey OP ever heard of exosomes? I need information from you so answer this question, are you rich enough to afford a $20,000 stem cell treatment for which you would have to travel to Mexico for?

Umbilical mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can regenerate the body, these are mesenchymal stem cells that are harvested from a fresh healthy umbilical cord. You know who Mel Gibson is? Joe Rogan interviewed Mel Gibson back in 2018 because Mel Gibson flew his dying father down to Panama where it's legal to get injected with umbilical cord MSCs. Here just watch this. This is just the first 10 minutes of the interview the whole thing is on Spotify because Joe Rogan moved his show over there.

So what are exosomes, stem cells secrete exosomes, it's the exosomes that signal the body to heal itself. In fact every cell in your body is secreting exosomes into the bloodstream, it's one of the ways cells use to communicate with each other. Scientific American did an excellent job on explaining what exosomes are check it out?

If you're hurting on money then it's cheaper to get exosomes and you can get exosomes here in the USA. I'm talking about exosomes that are collected from mesenchymal stem cells. I know of a company in the USA that sells very high quality exosomes.