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dreternal t1_j6da28f wrote

Time for this composer to start posting anti-AI stuff online. JK screw it I'm going fishing.


citizentim t1_j6mq1fz wrote

It’s funny, I’m both a musician and a visual artist who does some YouTube tutorials and content.

On the music side, the reaction seems very much “oh, this is cool” but in the visual front there is a LOT more “kill it with FIRE!”

I don’t know. Maybe as musicians we’ve just learned to adapt quicker to technology? Or, maybe we’re just more used to being screwed over

Hope you catch a whopper!


dreternal t1_j6mq7hu wrote

Actually I'm pretty sure it's because the music tools are NOWHERE near the quality visuals are. They'll catch up. Just not right this second.


hydraofwar t1_j6dc28z wrote

If anyone knows any AI that can clone voices as well as elevenlabs to languages ​​other than English let me know


FpRhGf t1_j6i52md wrote

Diff-SVC? It's open source and can clone to other languages. But it's speech-to-speech only


Embarrassed-Bison767 t1_j6dd54m wrote

Looks like they're coming for music and dubbing next...


94746382926 t1_j6f30k5 wrote

Microsoft/OpenAI has a SOTA model that's supposedly able to learn only on 3 seconds of audio. I don't think it's public though.


Ostrichman975 t1_j6dgqlu wrote

SFX recordists and Folley artists will probably be the first to go in this battle. You need the sound fx? why pay someone when you can type in “rock hitting metal surface” and get the sound you’re looking for? I think it will be a much greater length of time before full compositions carry emotions well enough that they will be a good choice for something like a movie score. I think things like non-AAA video game music is replaced by AI scores in a short timeframe. Adoption of this tech in the film/commercial industry would be huge and very displacing for many composers.


turnip_burrito t1_j6hpz34 wrote

Can't wait until every aspect of videogames uses realtime generative AI. NPCs, voice acting, dialogue, lore, items, event sequences, animations, models, etc.


Ostrichman975 t1_j6huhxm wrote

Will certainly allow creativity to flourish while simultaneously killing off large swathes of careers and likely reducing game dev team sizes by a large number. I think indie games are the new AAA when generative AI takes over.


AvgAIbot t1_j6de7tw wrote

Sorry for my noobness, I’m just an average AI…

Is this more like they’ve been working on it for a long time and they just happened to publish around the same time?

Or these kinds of models/research is just speeding up faster and faster?

Do they use other AI models to faster train their models?

Is it just different AI giving birth to new/better AIs?


Danuer t1_j6fi8sj wrote

Research is getting faster, they all build on previous papers made also by different authors.


Cascascap t1_j6fo05g wrote

This is only published papers. There's many more groups of people working on their own models privately or in closed betas. This is moving incredibly fast.


RemyVonLion t1_j6fcy0n wrote

I'm pretty sure almost every year from now on is just going get crazier and crazier for anything AI related unless a major event disrupts progress, or we eventually assimilate to become God lol.


SurroundSwimming3494 t1_j6imcok wrote

Unlikely. Ai Has progressed a lot in the past, and them slowed down. I don't say why that's impossible, or even not likely, in the near future.


virgilash t1_j6dxhvk wrote

Op, if you had a let's say 5MB plain text file (so way more than just a few paragraphs of text) and want to generate an audiobook out of it (spoken by a voice sounding as natural as possible) what free tools (apps or web services) would you currently reccommend? You seem to be very familiar with latest news in this kind of generative AI.


Pro_RazE OP t1_j6gqcqw wrote

Sorry for late reply! My favourite and I think the best public one currently is You can clone your or someone else's voice as well and the results are amazing. Not completely free though, there is a limit.


ziplock9000 t1_j6hxxwu wrote

Does anyone have any examples of good AI generated music. All the examples I've heard are many years behind other aspects of AI and are really quite rubbish.


Phantump4thewin t1_j6fmv0i wrote

I just wanna know why? Why do people wanna kill art with AI? Just because they can? Or to save money so they don’t have to hire actual artists?


Gotisdabest t1_j6ga14e wrote

A bit of both columns. It's the next stage of advancement and it offers a large productivity boom. The large scale point is to just automate everything, and art just proved to be easier since it's in many ways a software only activity while stuff like manual labour is harder to gain data on and requires new hardware to replicate.

The point is that if something is possible to make with the current available it'll almost certainly be made by someone and missing out on it can be dangerous. It's not that they specifically hate artists or anything, in the same way that the car industry wasn't made to specifically destroy or spite the horse industry. It's just a more productive and efficient way of doing things.


YouMustDoWhatIsRight t1_j6fzrtc wrote

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Sotamiro t1_j6gyq0c wrote

The idea like many technologies is to do better/faster with less efforts