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maskedpaki t1_j4qo6vh wrote

I keep hearing this "AI will take long to blend into civilisation"

I don't buy it. We already have capitalist financial markets. If an AI driven growth engine gets 9% ROI and the market gets 6% then all the worlds capital gets channeled into the 9% growth engine. Especially when it's general purpose and can do everything so to speak.

Capitalism will drive the use of these ais the moment they are past AGI level. It's just a matter of reaching it.


korkkis t1_j4s5cy0 wrote

Unhinged capitalism is a disease, toxic


maskedpaki t1_j4s6o8j wrote

I don't disagree but that wasn't the point of my comment

I was trying to demonstrate that slow takeoff scenarios post AGI are unlikely.


korkkis t1_j4s9cbp wrote

Sure, fair enough. Anyhow I think we’ll use AI everywhere like electricity (as it helps us to automate our daily tasks), without any AGI yet. If the AGI ever appears in this planet, it happens like an explosion but on the foundation that’s already there (like accelerated artificial evolution)


TheRidgeAndTheLadder t1_j4r6jfv wrote

I'll just note that this prediction hinges on capitalism being basically unassailable by AI.

Could be a totally fair bet