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So I was messing around and for Star Citizen (a game) I asked ChatGPT


>In what ways can Star Citizen NPC be improved to make a successful NPC crew and how to make it more realistic


>One way Star Citizen NPCs can be improved to make a successful NPC crew is by introducing a more advanced and realistic AI system. This could include the ability for NPCs to have unique personalities, emotions, and behavior patterns. For example, some NPCs could be more reserved and introverted, while others could be more outgoing and sociable. This would make the NPCs feel more like real people and less like generic NPCs.
>Another way to improve NPCs is by introducing a system of NPC progression and development. This could include NPCs that can learn from their interactions with the player, such as gaining new skills, abilities, and even changing their behavior and attitudes over time. This will make the NPCs feel more like real people, and make the interactions more engaging and realistic.
>Another way to improve the experience of NPCs is to create NPCs that can have a relationship with the player. This can be done through a system of friendship, romantic relationships, and even NPC companionship. The idea is that NPCs will act differently depending on their relationship with the player, they will interact differently and make the gameplay more engaging and realistic. NPCs can provide benefits such as help in combat, navigations, repair or trading.
>Finally, NPC's can benefit greatly with the use of AI like ChatGPT, where the AI can generate dynamic dialogue, depending on the context, NPCs will have realistic responses to the player's questions and actions, making the interactions feel more natural and human-like. This also allows NPCs to have their own personalities, motivations, and preferences, which will make them feel more like real people.
>Overall, by introducing advanced and realistic AI, NPC progression and development, and NPC relationships, Star Citizen NPCs can be greatly improved to make a successful NPC crew and make the interactions with NPCs more realistic and engaging, which is a crucial aspect for an open-world game like Star Citizen.


A dynamic interaction system with NPCs would add an extra layer of realism and immersion to the game and be interesting, as players would be able to interact with NPCs as if they were real people. Using AI technology like ChatGPT to generate dynamic dialogue would enable NPCs to respond differently to different players, based on the NPC's personality, memory, and the player's previous interactions.

For example, an NPC with a shy personality would respond differently to an NPC with an outgoing personality. NPCs with an AI-based memory will also respond differently to different players based on their past interactions, thus making the conversation more realistic and engaging.

Players being able to form relationships with NPCs is another way to make the interactions more realistic and engaging. The relationships could be based on the NPCs’ personalities, and the player's actions and choices. For example, a player that is friendly and helpful towards an NPC, the NPC will become more open to the player and the relationship will develop positively. On the other hand, if the player acts aggressively or rudely to the NPC, the NPC will respond negatively and the relationship will deteriorate.

Regarding the extent of how far the relationship should be taken, IDK. Some players may find it unnecessary or inappropriate, while others may find it immersive and engaging to go as far as having a romantic relationship or more. And even then IDK how far that should go.

But in theory mixing this technology with others like mission generation AI, the missions can be dynamic and based on your relationship with your NPC crew or NPC friends.


So like if you had a new Skyrim game. It knows the content within the game and what the NPC themselves should know, their personality, and so on. Missions, conversations, and maybe even interactions can be dynamic and highly unique. And as AI gets better in making things in real time. The real time interaction could in theory change, animations be made on the fly, and so on. So situations and other things can happen that the developers never coded for or thought of. This making it a highly unique game each time you play it.



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ElvinRath t1_j3y3m6r wrote

The real question here is: Star Citizen BEFORE or AFTER ASI?

I say AFTER.


crua9 OP t1_j3y40ak wrote

At this rate I agree. Like it use to be a joke in thinking SC won't come out until 50 years from now. But at this rate in AI development and what ChatGPT has done to push it to the mainstream. I think we are far more closer than not.


imlaggingsobad t1_j3yj7v5 wrote

I think AI will significantly affect gaming, both the gameplay and the computer graphics rendering. I think those two improvements will make VR much more compelling. Right now most people don't see the point of VR, but that will soon change.


DreamsOfCyber t1_j3y46if wrote

Yeah I'm a huge advocate (lol) for neural driven virtual actors, I hate preprogrammed behaviours, animations and dialouge.


Puzzleheaded_Pop_743 t1_j3zg5bz wrote

For now I would be satisfied if skyrim got an expansion that added a thousand unique lines of dialogue for every npc. Would be sick and add so much replayability! The world would feel much more alive.


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j3zvfbl wrote

Damn I wonder if someone could mod that into Skyrim now. It seems much more possible with some of these tools that are coming out lately.


Puzzleheaded_Pop_743 t1_j40vqfh wrote

Two limiting factors atm would be

  1. Continuity with the game world.

  2. Voice Acting.

But #2 can be solved with AI generated voice lines. Although I'm sure how good that would sound even with recent advances in voice generation. #1 would probably be the harder issue since skyrim has hundreds of NPCs it would be a big project to make sure it was all high quality. I suppose a crowdsourced effort could get this done.


sumane12 t1_j3z4dzr wrote

I think any game that doesn't utilise ChatGPT or another comparable LLM for conversational NPC's, is literally not even going to be noticed. We all know ChatGPT is not perfect, but it's orders of magnitude better than any current in-game NPC. Imagine having a conversation with a shop owner and being able to sweet talk him into selling you gear at a better price, or flirting with the princess, bribing the royal guard to get some of the kings best men as bodyguards for your adventure. I mean there's literally endless possibilities for this, it needs to be done.


blueSGL t1_j3z8z1g wrote

Chat GPT + Voice Synth will not only allow for the story lines to be written but for the voice work to be done.

I was really disappointed listening to Tod Howard and how Bethesda felt that someone realizing part way through a play though that they really wanted to play a different character, and treated starting over as having failed the player. I mean with that sort of attitude no wonder the games have been getting blander and blander.

Now think of a different future where all the interlocking storylines is all worked out ahead of time by a LLM. Where having everything be based on your current skills and previous actions 'behind the scenes'

so instead of blending things to a grey mush to 'disappoint' no one, instead you can have vibrant different adventures through the same land each time you play.


sumane12 t1_j40idj7 wrote

Yeah totally. I kinda see every future game being a kind of choose your own adventure game where LLM's handle the heavy lifting of changes in the story based on player actions. It's going to be a wild ride


CurrentlyHuman t1_j3yxw5e wrote

Write a script for a video game that will be as popular as religion, couple that with scripts for a movie trilogy about the main video game characters who should be fashioned to appeal to at least 100% of the buying public, produce a number one record to be sung by the main character, two remixed dance tunes, design the logo and typography for the entire series, do all this using language from the 17th century and include something about seahorses throughout

Again but with more yea and oomph, lose the seahorses.


I_am_unique6435 t1_j3zcgrs wrote

the main problem here is the data. You set a few requirements as given it cannot test out. At least not now.

If you define more what makes religion popular you might get better results.


Smellz_Of_Elderberry t1_j478ijy wrote

What makes religion popular is the fear of death, and wonder of the unknown.

Along with habit (for most folks they just do it because their parents did it). But what gets them started, is what I mentioned above.


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j3zv8cc wrote

It makes me wonder about games taking a decade to build and how that’s gonna start harming studios in a major way. GTA 6 release date is not even announced yet and it’s likely that by the time it actually does release, stuff like ChatGPT might start being incorporated into other games, making the GTA 6 NPCs seem extremely primitive in comparison.


crua9 OP t1_j3zvqb4 wrote

start harming studios workers

I fixed that for you


The studios won't be screwed. They actually will see all time high profits as they don't have to pay for given people anymore.


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j3zw8ez wrote

The studio absolutely gets screwed if their 10-years-in-the-making game sucks ass compared to some new studio using ChatGPT (or a more advanced GPT) and making a better game in 3 years. The workers get screwed no matter what, that ain’t changing and will only get much worse as AI continues to be incorporated into game design.


crua9 OP t1_j3zwnxv wrote

I was thinking it as the older studios will just start using AI. But what you talked about is just a company not keeping up with the times.


Sadly, a companies job is to make as much money legally as possible. So if a company refused to use AI or at least start intergrading it. Then that's more on them being a bad business vs anything else.

Again, the workers are the ones that end up getting screwed no matter what.


goldork t1_j40d1vb wrote

Npc engagement? Im thinking more of irl company engagement. Like joi (ana de armas) in blade runner 2049 or tars in Interstellar where we can prompt a tone up or down of its character.

With deepfakes and voice ai extensively in development, this should be possible soon. At least as virtual on-screen persona. Maybe even us as lonely elderlies might enjoy it as company.


bemmu t1_j40iqvp wrote

Is there currently a game that’s moddable with a lot of NPC dialog where we could try to plug in GPT-3?

Something like the pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto maybe, although I’d prefer something with text only to make things easier. Maybe a visual novel / dating sim?


wen_mars t1_j428v55 wrote

Yeah people are already doing it:

I think it'll be great for open world games, especially if the AI has some awareness of current events and a realistic amount of awareness of the player's role in those events.


equalopurtunityotter t1_j5e1vl9 wrote

Man I have a feeling in 20 years this will be one of those videos that gets posted in some meme forum with a caption like "lmao millennials were actually mindblown by simple shit like this xD the newly released Elder Scrolls 6 would make their brains explode"


curmudgeono t1_j410s4u wrote

I was talking to my friend the other day about this. I could see in 20 years or so games looking totally different from now. Entire worlds & characters & quests generated by an AI just for you based on your personal preference, like VR make believe.


PoliteThaiBeep t1_j41z018 wrote

It's very practical for 3D modelling with blender. When I want vertices to be arranged in a certain way, but there isn't a button that can do that - I just describe to chat gpt what I want and it usually comes up with a useful python script that does exactly what I want after few corrections which is much faster than trying to write script yourself of manually adjust hundreds of vertices by hand typing coordinates one by one.

It's incredibly useful here and I just scratched the surface.

The way it can optimize interfaces is mind blowing!

But I did not have much of a success with more high level tasks like how a game should be structured or anything macro scale. I think a novel human idea is of different quality here and GPT can't really compete here.


SmoothPlastic9 t1_j40ps1w wrote

Every game being at least like Hades in terms of having new NPC dialouge and stuff is cool


Draug_ t1_j42eenm wrote

You guys realize that deep learning has been used in games for at least 15 years?


Smellz_Of_Elderberry t1_j478438 wrote

I've been predicting this for a while.

The issue is coming up with ways to impact the AI's stats based on your interaction. How do you determine whether xyz text makes an ai more or less fond of you? THIS is why lots of people think we are still missing a very key feature in turning these ai into truly sentient beings. They need an internal value structure, and we need to find out how to establish what impacts that structure and how it impacts it.

It's so complicated, that I find it difficult to really word my thoughts on the subject.


FeedbackMotor5498 t1_j3y27oy wrote

ChatGPT is gonna make the video games entirely. Gonna just ask it to make a game about something and bam, it's there. Give it another year or two, maybe less


CriminalizeGolf t1_j3ya6m7 wrote

Absolutely no way we get high quality videogames entirely generated from prompts within a year or two.

Game devs using AI to assist in development, yes. But 100% made by AI videogames with no human direction other than a simple prompt? We're at least a decade or two out from that.


CloudDrinker t1_j3yub9o wrote

I definitely agree but like.. I would take it if it comes after a decade or two ^^


CriminalizeGolf t1_j3yuxdw wrote

I'm thinking about it and I'm pretty sure we'll need a human level AGI before we get something capable of spitting out complex AAA quality games.

It's one thing to make a pong clone with a limited number of states and inputs, but general intelligence is required by definition to do level design, audio, 3D graphics, physics, writing, etc with zero human input.

The day an AI can make the next Elder Scrolls or GTA on its own is the day we hit singularity.


FeedbackMotor5498 t1_j3z0w1a wrote

It all depends on how quickly the various types of AI merge. I guess we're all gonna find out soon enough. I mean, it can code, other ai can already make art, I honestly could see it happening a lot sooner than your think, but honestly who knows. You also gotta remember this is available to the public, so the government could be ahead


Nanaki_TV t1_j3z2406 wrote

I’m on mobile right now but sentdex created GTA via a neural network. By that I mean he did not put the physics or rules of GTA in but the Nn figured them out via training. In the same way we use SD to create beautiful pictures you can have games trained and created. You will still need testers ( hopefully AIs at that point) to find the messed up hands but I definitely see it happening quicker than any of us reasonably would guess! Exciting!


Mountain-Award7440 t1_j3zvqaw wrote

Thank you. This sub gets a little out of hand sometimes. I love it but sometimes people get way too high on hopium.